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Scuba diving in Puerto Plata you enter the ocean gateway to this New World. Numerous dive sites extend from here to Sosua Bay further east. The reefs near our Puerto Plata scuba diving center offer divers an opportunity to encounter fish species such as grouper, red snapper, and more, while enjoying the varied coral formations that are more abundant along the deeper walls including the renowned Airport Wall

On regular basis Dressel Divers also offers scuba diving trips to Sosua Bay, an area rich in corals and marine life. Each Sosua Bay dive comes with an abundance of coral and distinct species of fish, among them angelfish and trumpet fish.

Diving in Puerto Plata and Sosua, moreover, will ensure that the underwater vistas are complemented by majestic views from the dive boat.  The coastline is also close to an impressive chain of mountains, serving as a relief for the sea that brought Columbus to the Americas. As you dive the reefs you will no doubt sense the presence of some undiscovered shipwreck from days gone by.
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*Currently, all dives depart from Playa Sosua.

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Puerto Plata Dive Site Planner

DEPTH RANGE TO 12 mtrs / 40 feet

Larimar (4-6 mtrs / 20-46 feet)
Three Rocks (4-12 mtrs / 13-40 feet)
Canyon (6-12 mtrs / 20 – 40 feet)
Mini Wall (10-12 mtrs / 33-40 feet)
Stone Cove (12 mtrs / 40 feet)

* See notes

DEPTH RANGE TO 15 mtrs / 50 feet

Long Beach (8-14 mtrs / 26-46 feet)
Diegos Reef (2-15 mtrs / 40-50 feet)
Iberostar (5-15 mtrs / 17-50 feet)
Peluca´s reef (5-15 mtrs / 17-50 feet)
Jesus´s reef (5-15 mtrs / 17-50 feet)
Paradise (5-15 mtrs / 17-50 feet)
Bergantin (5-15 mtrs / 17-50 feet)
Paola´s Reef (5-15 mtrs / 17-50 feet)

* See notes

DEPTH RANGE TO 22 mtrs / 73 feet

Passage (16 mtrs / 53 feet)
Piramide (12-17 mtrs / 40-56 feet)
Orejona (12-18 mtrs / 40-60 feet)
Five Rocks (10-22 mtrs / 33-73 feet)
Coral Garden (14-22 mtrs / 46-73 feet)
Canyon Deep (22 mtrs / 73 feet)

* See notes

DEPTH RANGE TO 27 mtrs / 89 feet

Cosita Rica (8-25 mtrs / 26-83 feet)
The Wall (25 mtrs / 83 feet)
Long Beach (12-27 mtrs / 40 – 89 feet)
Larimar Deep (27 mtrs / 89 feet)

* See notes


PLEASE NOTE that all dives are AM two-tank dives > you do 2 dives during 1 dive trip

08:30 AM meeting time, Boat leaves at 09:00 AM

Currently, all dives depart from Playa Sosua.

Hotel & Resort Diving In Puerto Plata

Iberostar Cozumel

We have a dive center DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH of the

***** Iberostar Costa Dorada

Carretera Luperon Km. 2,5 , Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

VISIT & DIVE outings can be arranged with and incredible number of other resorts throughout the Bavaro and Puerto Plata tourist boulevards!

Why not take a walk & dive with Dressel Divers?

A number of resorts are located along the beachfront, meaning that the Iberostar and Dressel Divers are just  short walk away.

  • Note: Diving equipment can be stored overnight at the dive center. 
Estimated walking time from: Minutes
Allegro Jack Tar Village by Occidental 10
Allegro Playa Dorada by Occidental 10
Allegro Playa Grande by Occidental 10
Barcelo Premium 10
Barcelo Puerto Plata 15-20
Blue Bay Getaway Villas Doradas 10
Caribean Cottages hotel 20
Caribean Village Playa Dorada 20
Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada 10
Fun Royal 10
Fun Tropicale Beach Resort 10
Holiday Village Golden Beach 10
Grand Oasis Marien Beach Resort 1
Grand Ventana Beach resort 20-25
Occidental Allegro Playa Dorada 10
Occidental Grand Flamenco Puerto Plata 10
Perennial Vacation Club at Tropicale 10
Puerto Plata Village 10
Playa Naco Resort & Spa 10
Victoria Golf Playa Dorada I 10
Villas Dorada 10
VIVA Wyndham Playa Dorada 10


Not staying at the Iberostar Hotel, but would like to dive or take diving courses with Dressel Divers?

Take advantage of a transfer arrangement to join us for a few dives (exceptions may apply).

ALL-IN Transfers

Want to spend a full day at the resort? Sign up for an ALL-IN Transfer which includes lunch (buffet), unlimited drinks and use of the beach, pool and facilities.

Additional Visit & Dive ACTIVITIES

Snorkeling, parasailing or banana rides for yourself or any non-divers joining you.

Hotels at Transfer Distance

Sign up for a transfer & dive with Dressel Divers! A number of resorts are within easy transfer distance! Why not join us with a VISIT & DIVE transfer arrangement (exceptions may apply)?

  • Note: Diving equipment can be stored overnight at Dressel´s dive center. 
Estimated transfer time from: Minutes
Breezes Puerto Plata Beach 30
Casa Colonial Beach & spa 10
Casa Marina Beach 25-30
Casa Marina Beach and Reef Resort 30
Coconut Palms Resort 20-30
Cofrezi Beach 30
Kite Beach Hotel 20-30
Lifestyle Crown Villas 30
Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa 30
Lifestyle Royal Suites 30
Paradise Beach Club & Casino 15-20
Paraiso del Sol 30
Presidential Suites by Lifestyle 20
Riu Bachatta 30
Riu Merengue 30
Riu Mambo 30
Sun Village Resort & Spa 40
Tropical Casa Laguna 20
VIVA Wyndham Tangerine 20

Scuba Diving in Puerto Plata

Incredible diving
all year-round.
Average visibility:
+66 feet (+20 meters)
Coldest water temp.:
78.8 ºF (26 ºC)
Warmest water temp.:
87.8ºF (31 ºC)
Wetsuits (full) rentals:
1,2 inch / 3mm
Aluminum Tanks:
80 cubic feet (12 liters)
Full Tank :
+/- 3,000 psi (200 bar)
INT Connection,
DIN Adapters available

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