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Detox the oceans, detox your legacy.  World Oceans Day 2021

world ocean's day 2021

I wish there was no world oceans day, no forests day, no children day, or refugees, etc. That would mean that we don’t have to make awareness actions and calls of attention to society and public institutions.

The day will come when those who are aware of everything around us will be a majority. We are on the right track, but it is a long way and it is not only about giving messages, but also about setting an example day by day. An attitude, a culture, a mentality that can only be strengthened through generations.

It is the international day of the oceans, but Go Green together with Dressel Divers will start from the beginning, from the origin of most of the garbage in our waters. The land. Any paper that is left on the beach, or not thrown in the proper container moves into the sea. All of us, even without setting foot in the sea, are co-responsible for polluting the oceans, so let’s start from the beginning, with the basics. We can remove garbage from the bottom of the ocean as we have done before, but this June 8th more than ever let’s PREVENT IT, let´s start from the beginning.

Nothing so small ever does such big things. That’s what GO GREEN wants to do with you.

Come with us on the 8th in the afternoon to enjoy with us something simple, easy. Better safe than sorry.  Let´s do it together and join the Go GREEN spirit.

Beach clean-up Cozumel Island
– 3 to 5 pm
– Meeting point: Dressel Divers dive center 14:45h
– We will go to Mirador beach (southeast of the island).
– Limited places: 20

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