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Become a Dive Instructor, All the Training You Need

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If you are looking for scuba dive training to become a Dive Instructor and you’re not convinced of the current internship offer out there, Congratulations! That is about to change.

Correct us if we are wrong.

  • You are looking for scuba dive training to learn how to teach future divers, make them feel secure, and help them? Wait for our HELL DIVES.
  • You want your scuba trainer to be a Course Director, rather than lower ranking. Don’t you? Wait to meet Macello.
  • Are you wondering about the price of a Dive Instructor training? Our scuba diving training cost is $0. Yes, yes, as you are reading it is free scuba diving training.

It’s okay. We have listened to you and have developed with SDI the scuba diving training you were looking for. We’ll tell you about it below.

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1. How Long Should the Scuba Dive Training For Becoming a Dive Instructor?

If you are seeking information about Scuba Dive Training for instructors and have visited any diving forum, you may have come across discussions about the experience required to become a Diving Instructor. Many suggest that one year is a relatively short time. However, it’s important to consider that the average person typically engages in Scuba Diving for around 30 to 35 dives a year at most.

So, how much time is necessary to gain the experience required to qualify as a Divemaster? The answer is three years.

Furthermore, during this time, any existing vices tend to become deeply ingrained. When errors occur early on in your diving journey, the more dives you undertake, the more these mistakes can persist and worsen.

Nevertheless, none of these challenges are an issue with Dressel Divers’ Scuba Dive Training. Our program enables future instructors to unlearn any diving vices and develop new skills through proper practices, emphasizing high-quality training and consistent diving experiences. Diving in the morning and in the afternoon, in just six months, our Divemasters have already completed over 250 dives.


2. Dressel Divers Instructor Requirements to Become a Dive Instructor

What are the requirements for individuals interested in participating in Dressel Divers’ Scuba Dive Training for Instructors?

Regarding the prerequisites for scuba diving, having strong aquatic skills and feeling comfortable in the water is sufficient.

While it would be preferable to already possess the Open Water Diver certification, it is not a mandatory requirement.

Fluency in English, along with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, is necessary.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and in good physical health without any medical contraindications for diving. Additionally, we are particularly looking for enthusiastic, safety-oriented, and service-minded individuals for our free scuba diving training program.


2.1. Scuba Training Program to Become a Divemaster

STEP 1: Three Weeks of Scuba Dive Training

Under the direct supervision of our highly experienced Course Directors, you will undergo comprehensive training at all previous levels necessary to become a Divemaster.

You are about to embark on your first step in professional diving: training as a Divemaster. Our intensive scuba dive training camp lasts approximately three weeks. Here is the program, although the duration of each stage may vary based on the students’ needs.

Day 1: Scuba training presentation.

Days 2-4: Review of the Open Water Course. Basic diving skills to professional level.

Days 5 and 6: Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Days 7-9: Scuba diving rescue training.

Days 10-21: Divemaster certification.

Your scuba training will take place at the Dressel Divers facilities in Playa del Carmen and will be instructed by experienced Course Directors, expert cave divers, Tec diving trainers, biologists, and biochemists.

During the scuba dive training to become a Divemaster, you will attend theoretical and practical classes, with the latter conducted in both the pool and the sea.

A typical day at the scuba diving training camp begins at 7 am and ends at 8 pm, during which you will participate in two to three dives per day.

Example of a scuba training day:

  • 7:30 am: 30 minutes of swimming in the pool.
  • Morning: Dive theory.
  • Afternoon: Practical scuba diving training in the pool.

When your knowledge advances:

  • Morning: Dive leading with certified divers or assisting Scuba Diver or Open Water course training.
  • Free scuba demos in the pool.
  • Afternoon: Specific Divemaster scuba training dives also called “HELL DIVES”

What are the goals of Divemaster scuba training?

The goals of our free scuba diving training are to prepare you for any potential challenges that may arise during your role as a Divemaster. You will learn to identify and address these issues proactively, even before they occur.

This phase of training includes 8-10 “Hell Dives,” which are designed as interactive role-playing exercises. These dives present students with various challenges, such as divers boarding the wrong boat, wearing their masks incorrectly, or jumping into the water without fins while the student is leading the dive. Can they successfully identify these intentional mistakes?

These “hell” scuba dives are unique to Dressel Divers’ teaching approach. The specific details of these scenarios are kept confidential, and we are unable to provide further information. As part of this phase of your free scuba diving training, you will complete a minimum of 50 dives.

become a dive instructor - 4 - entrenamiento de buceo

2.2. Practical Scuba Diving Training as a Divemaster

STEP 2: Three Months of Practical Experience as a Divemaster

You will undergo this phase of your scuba training at one of our bases located in Mexico, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic. Don’t worry! If necessary, we will cover your flight expenses to ensure your continued participation in the free scuba diving training.

Throughout the year, our bases receive a significant influx of divers. We require well-trained Divemasters who can effectively lead and assist the large number of divers and students. Your primary role will not be filling tanks, as we have dedicated staff for that. Instead, we are seeking professionals who are eager to provide excellent service and gain firsthand experience in a dive center’s reality.

A typical day for a dive intern will involve an enjoyable dive in the morning, followed by assisting with various tasks. Additionally, you will have opportunities to perform free dive demonstrations and engage in public relations activities.

This free scuba dive training program will last for three months, during which you will complete 150 or more dives. In total, you will have accumulated over 180 dives since the beginning of your training. Trust us, you will be well-prepared for the next phase.


2.3. Dive Instructor Development Course Training

STEP 3: One Week – Instructor Development Course.

You will undergo the SDI instructor course, which lasts approximately 1 week.

In this two-week phase, you will return to the training camp with your expert Course Directors and receive the scuba dive training you need to become a Dive Instructor.

1 week where you will basically role-play as a Dive Instructor, teaching theory classes with all the previous knowledge you learned and doing scuba dive training in confined and open water. Your Course Director will evaluate your performance through a checklist with Instructor diving skills.


2.4. Practical Scuba Diving Training as a Dive Instructor

STEP 4: Two-Month Practical Experience as Dive Instructor.

It is the final practical period you will be working as a diving instructor.

During this scuba training process, you will encounter several candidates in front of you, attentive to your instructions. If you limit yourself to delivering dull theory, you will only receive yawns and, consequently, a lack of interest. However, if you are clever and entertaining, you will capture the curiosity of your students.

You will need to adapt to the needs of your students. It is not the same to relate to an 18-year-old teenager as it is to an adult of 40. You may come across a family with different ages or a culture different from your own.

Cultivating patience will be necessary. There will be students who are more skilled in the water than others. You will have to adjust to their learning pace so that they can develop the necessary skills for scuba diving. All of this and much more will be practiced during these two months of free scuba diving training to become a diving instructor.

During this time, your course director will assist you in preparing for the exams in the best possible way and will conduct assessments similar to those you will encounter during your instructor scuba training.

become a dive instructor - 3 - entrenamiento de buceo

3. Becoming a Dive Instructor, conducting scuba training for new divers

What does it feel like to conduct scuba diving training for new divers? We’re not going to tell you, our instructors will. Take a look at the video!

The role of a scuba diving instructor can be pursued in tourist destinations worldwide, along their coastal areas. It is a highly rewarding profession that allows you to experience and accumulate incredible moments. However, it is important to note that it is also a demanding job, where you assume significant responsibilities and need to be at your best at all times.

But remember, what truly matters is the experience, and that’s what we offer in our free scuba diving program at Dressel Divers. The value of experience.

The experience of a scuba diving instructor is not measured solely by certifications or the length of a license. It is measured by the accumulated hours of work and your ability to perform in various scenarios. We’re not referring to recreational dives, but dives where you are teaching courses, conducting scuba trainings, acting as a guide, etc.

You could be an instructor since the 90s with 500 dives, or one from the year 2020 with 10,000 dives. What truly counts is your skill in carrying out the work and anticipating problems.


STEP 5: Work as an Instructor with Full Payment Conditions*

After completing your 6-month scuba diving training, we offer you the opportunity to work as an SDI Instructor with full payment conditions.

But that’s not all. Development and growth opportunities within the company are also available. Promotions are exclusively reserved for our dedicated employees, as we do not recruit externally for management positions. All our managers began their journey as Dive Instructors.

Continuous scuba dive training is another important aspect. Throughout your employment, we will support your interests in scuba training, whether it’s becoming a Specialty Instructor or reaching the pinnacle of professional training as a Course Director.

What started as scuba dive training to become an instructor can become the beginning of a successful career where the limit is set by you.

*Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information about our scuba dive program.