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How To Celebrate an Underwater Marriage?

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Celebrating an underwater marriage is the dream of many diving couples. However, there are also ocean lovers or simple adventure lovers, and they want to have an underwater landscape in their wedding photos. In Dressel Divers, we have celebrated underwater weddings, so in this article, we tell you how to prepare your underwater marriage.

How To Prepare Your Underwater Marriage

The first thing you will need is knowledge as a diver and how to use your scuba equipment. For this, you will need to take some scuba diving lessons if you don’t have at least an Open Water certification. Keep in mind that the officiant, witnesses, and photographer must also be scuba divers to accompany you at this moment.

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But what about the guests? Well, if they are not scuba divers, they will not be able to attend the wedding. Some brides and grooms solve this problem by celebrating two weddings. Others broadcast the wedding on the video to their guests. They are usually waiting for them on the dive boat or the beach.

It is essential to keep an eye on the weather forecast because adverse weather conditions can “spoil the party” and make you have to postpone it. That is why there are so many underwater marriages in the Caribbean. In this area of the planet, the weather is invariably favorable during most of the year.

In addition, the water visibility is excellent in the Caribbean Sea, which is why it is often chosen by those who want to have an underwater marriage.

Dressel Divers’ team of expert divers knows the Caribbean underwater sites of Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic very well and will choose the perfect location for your underwater marriage, which should meet the following requirements.

1. It must have a sandy bottom where you can kneel without damaging any coral.

2. Usually, the best place is a shallow place because natural light will light up the scene, and the photographer will be able to use it to immortalize the moment.

Of course, it must have a beautiful setting to decorate your photos.

3. Another point to take into account is the currents. The chosen location must not have current. If not, you will not be able to stay in the same place during the 20-25 minutes that an underwater marriage lasts.


What Will Happen at Your Underwater Marriage?

Preparing your underwater marriage, as in any other wedding, you will also have to pronounce your vows. However, given the impossibility of speaking with the traditional scuba system, you will need to use slates to express them in written form. Although, there are technological options such as full-face masks or headphones with an audio system that will allow you to hear and pronounce the vows if you wish.

The exchange of rings will be the next step and the icing on the cake: the first kiss. Are you ready to remove your regulator for a moment for your first married kiss?