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Scuba Diving Price: Everything You Need To Know

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Scuba Diving Price: How much does it cost? This question will come to mind whether you are thinking of getting started in the world of diving, or if you are already a certified diver and are going to dive in a different country or in a place that you do not know yet.

In today’s article, we consider all the aspects you must study before booking a dive to calculate the scuba diving price properly.

Many variables go into the scuba diving price, that you should take into account when comparing prices. In recreational diving, the scuba diving price can vary from one site to another depending on variables such as:

Scuba Diving Price Depends On…

1. The dive itself.
Even if it is a standard recreational dive, the most important thing to evaluate the scuba diving price is to know what kind of dive it is.

Diving from a boat is not the same as diving from the shore. If it is a boat dive, ask yourself: is it included in the price? It is also important to consider the type of boat. There are differences between diving from an inflatable boat, to which you can only return from the water with extraordinary strength in your arms; or to jump into the water from a wide deck trimaran with facilities specially designed for the diver’s comfort.

On the other hand, there are special excursions. They usually can only be done in certain seasons, such as diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen. Others are available just on certain parts of the planet, such as diving in cenotes. These dives need specialized guides and, even some of them, special gear. Therefore, if you are going to compare scuba diving prices, make sure you compare the same experiences.


    2. Renting the diving equipment.
    At Dressel Divers, tanks and weights are included in the scuba diving price, even if you have brought your equipment. However, depending on the diving operator, in some places, divers have to rent them as items apart.
    When comparing scuba diving gear prices for renting, do not be afraid to ask how often they replace crucial equipment parts and if there is a thorough maintenance control.

    3. Free Nitrox.
    If you are a diver trained to dive with Nitrox, find out if you can do it for free, or they will charge you extra for this gas mixture. Only those dive centers that have a Nitrox compressor can offer them for free. However, most dive operators rent tanks at the filling stations, and that has a cost that will add to the scuba diving price.

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    4. Where am I going to dive?
    There are differences in the scuba diving price depending on where in the world you dive. So, our advice is that when you compare them, do it between dive centers that operate in the same place and offer similar levels of quality.
    It is important, that in addition to everything we have already mentioned, the dive center:

    • be an operator with years of experience;
    • no diving accidents in its history;
    • have expert and multilingual staff.


    Scuba Diving Price: Going Caribbean Underwater

    The scuba diving price depends on the place and the dive operator you book within the Caribbean. You can pay from 60 USD to 130 USD for a single dive.

    However, you can get much better scuba diving prices if you prepay and book your dives online, like our 20% discount for online purchases.

    In addition, if we add the discount for diving packs purchases, you can dive in Cozumel from only 34 USD.

    So next time you shop for scuba diving prices, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Do not hesitate, write to us to know what is the price of diving with Dressel Divers