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Scuba Dive Training for Instructors or How to Break Established Rules

Scuba dive training - entrenamiento de buceo - 4

If you are looking for scuba dive training to become a Dive Instructor and you’re not convinced of the current internship offer out there, Congratulations! That is about to change.

Correct us if we are wrong.

  • You are looking for scuba dive training to learn how to teach future divers, make them feel secure, and help them, not just to load tanks or mop floors. Aren’t you?
  • You want your scuba trainer to be a Course Director, rather than lower ranking. Don’t you?
  • You would like fair play and get a stipend for your instructor scuba training internship. Wouldn’t you?

It’s okay. We have listened to you and have developed with SDI the dive training you were looking for. We’ll tell you about it below.

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Scuba dive training - 5 - entrenamiento de buceo

1. Professional Scuba Dive Training

If you are looking for information about Instructor scuba training and have visited any diving forum, you may have noticed what they say about the experience a candidate must have before becoming a Diving Instructor. They say that one year is a short time. But let’s keep something in mind: most people dive, at the most, from 30 to 35 times a year.

So, how much time do they need to reach the experience required to qualify for a Divemaster? The answer is 3 years.

Not to mention that in that time, we perpetuate vices. When you dive with an error from the beginning, the more you dive, the worst, because it will be more ingrained.

However, none of these issues is a problem with Dressel Divers scuba training. In it, future instructors unlearn their diving vices and develop new skills from correct practices based on quality training and continuous dives. In three months, our Divemasters have already made more than 130 dives.


2. Dressel Divers Instructor Scuba Diving Training Requirements

What are the requirements for those who want to participate in Dressel Divers’ Instructor scuba dive training?

To have good aquatic skills. Feeling comfortable in the water That’s all.

It would be preferable if you already have the Open Water Diver certification, but it is not necessary. Although, that means that due to dive agency standard requirements, your internship time will extend to 6 months.


2.1. Scuba Diving Training as Divemaster

You are about to take your first step in professional diving: to train as a Divemaster.

Our intensive dive training camp lasts about three weeks. This is the program, although the number of days of each stage can change depending on students’ needs.

Day 1. Scuba training presentation.

Day 2-4: Review of the Open Water Course.

Days 5 and 6: You will become an Advanced Open Water Diver.

Days 7-9: You will receive scuba diving training as a Rescue Diver.

Days 10-21 to become a Divemaster.

Your training will take place at the Dressel Divers facilities in Playa del Carmen and will be taught by long-term experienced Course Directors, expert cave divers, Tec diving trainers, biologists, and biochemists.

During the scuba dive training to become a Divemaster you will take theoretical and practical classes. The last ones will take place in the pool and in the sea.

A typical day at a scuba training camp starts at 7 am and ends at 8 pm. During that time, you will do between two and three dives a day.

Scuba dive training - 4 - entrenamiento de buceo

Examples of a scuba training day:

  • 30 am 30 minutes of swimming in the pool.
  • Morning: Dive theory.
  • Afternoon: practical pool training.

When your knowledge advances

  • Morning: Dive leading with certified divers, or assisting Scuba Diver or Open Water courses training.
  • Free scuba demos in the pool
  • Afternoon: Specific Divemaster scuba training dives.

What are the Divemaster training dive goals?

Face all possible problematic situations that may arise in your day-to-day as a Divemaster. Therefore, you will know to detect them even before they happen.

It consists of 8-10 “Hell Dives” based on role-playing games. During these dives, the students will have to face setbacks: from the diver who gets on the wrong boat to the one who puts the mask on upside down. But this is a secret, and we cannot tell you more.

In this phase of your scuba dive training, you will make a minimum of 50 dives.


2.2. Scuba Dive Internship

When, after three weeks, our aspiring dive instructors have become Divemasters, they will move on to the internship phase.

Dressel Divers has dive centers in different countries of the Caribbean: Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

All year round, we have an enormous influx of divers on all our bases. We need well-trained Divemasters who can lead the large mass of divers we receive and assist with the equally high number of students. So, your task will not be filling tanks, for which we have other expert staff, it will really be diving. We need professionals willing to learn how to give a good service and learn on-site the reality of a dive center.

This gainful internship-based dive training will last 3 months. During this time, you will have done 90 or more dives. In total: more than 130 dives from the beginning. Believe us. You will be ready for the next phase.

Scuba dive training - 3 - entrenamiento de buceo

2.3. Scuba Diver Training as Diving Instructor

In this two-week phase, you will return to the training camp with your expert Course Directors and receive the scuba dive training you need to become a Dive Instructor.

Two weeks where you will basically role-play as a Dive Instructor, teaching theory classes with all the previous knowledge you learned and doing dive training in confined and open water. Your Course Director will evaluate your performance through a checklist with Instructor diving skills.


3. How Long Does It Take to Train for Scuba Diving?

Your dive training to become a dive instructor with Dressel Divers will last 4 months.

After that time, you will have professional status. So, you will be able to work as an Instructor at Dressel Divers or wherever you wish.


4. Instructor Scuba Training Cost

Dressel Divers Scuba diving training to become an Instructor is free.

There is more, you’ll even get a monthly stipend in recognition of your help.


5. Why Is This the Best Scuba Training

This is the best scuba diving training because:

  1. You’ll receive training at the internship’s beginning, not at the end
  2. Your teachers will be Course Directors, rather than a lower ranking.
  3. You’ll get a monthly stipend in recognition of your help
  4. You’ll be a Certified Open Water Instructor in just 4 months

What other scuba diving training program offers you the same?

The first Dressel Divers-SDI Instructor scuba dive training program will begin on January 23, 2023. The registration period is open. Those who wish can be part of the selection process, by just contacting us.