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Scuba Clubs, 7 Tips to Choose The Perfect One For You

Scuba clubs 3

There are many dive centers and scuba clubs. Choosing the right one is vital to safely enjoy this sport, improve your knowledge as a diver, or live unique experiences.

What aspects should we consider when choosing one of the many dive centers and scuba clubs? Let’s see!

Difference Between Scuba Clubs and Dive Centers

The main difference between diving clubs and dive centers is that the latter are businesses, while scuba dive clubs are non-profit organizations. In them, diving lovers associate having access to the offered services more cheaply. They are usually near the divers’ places of residence.

In the diving centers, the relationship ends once the contracted activities end. Meanwhile, with the scuba clubs, the relationship is usually annual. This is the time covered by the renewable fee.

Whether you are going to choose a diving center to enjoy your vacations or a scuba club, there are some common aspects that must be considered. We review them below.

Scuba clubs

What Can Scuba Clubs Near Me Offer?

Joining a scuba dive club has many advantages for its members.

  • Scuba divers near me. Meeting people with the same interests as you, making friends, and, on top of all that, sharing experiences are some of the most important reasons to join a divers club.
  • Frequent underwater diving experiences near me. Dive clubs are a good option to increase your diving frequency. They often organize experiences like the ones we summarize below.
  • Scuba diving charters near me. How about exploring this wreck? I’ve heard about a great reef further out. Shall we go? We’ve got the permits to dive that protected island, let’s scuba… And so on and so forth with a scuba club.
  • Scuba dive trips near me. Well, clubs are organizers. The diving clubs can take you to the other side of the planet, organize a luxury experience, and all for very competitive prices because they negotiate by volume of divers. The more divers travel, the better the price.
  • Scuba diving courses near me. Getting your Advanced Diver certification in Cozumel is stunning. We swear it’s one of our specialties! But we understand that it is not always possible to travel to paradise to acquire new skills or improve them.

However, scuba clubs organize courses for those interested in improving their level near their homes.

  • Diving shops near me. Diving clubs can get very good prices on equipment. Its members benefit from discounts on their purchases.
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Points To Consider to Choose “The Scuba Club”


  1. Scuba Diving Clubs’ Atmosphere

Regardless of thinking the facilities are beautiful, the most important thing is that they are clean and tidy. It is also interesting to see how many divers visit them. If we are talking about scuba diving clubs, knowing the number of members is significant because that will mean more resources for the underwater club.

Regarding diving centers, a nourished number of divers mean that they can make groups with similar levels. However, notice that the organization has to be meticulous to give good service to all without suffering collapses.

  1. Scuba Dive Clubs’ Offer

Ask if they do dive courses and with which agency. The most known certifying agencies are SDI, PADI, SSI, CMAS, BSAC although there are more. Pay attention to which agencies have the highest standards, are the most recognized, and have more services internationally. Yes, you will be able to dive anywhere in the world with any of these certifications. Nonetheless, it is interesting that the dive center can check your level if you forget your card, as is possible with the PADI certification check service.

Neither should you forget to ask about the training and experience of the instructors and dive guides. Make sure that the number of divers per guide does not exceed 8. If you travel abroad, at the dive centers, also ask if they speak your language.

  1. Scuba Clubs Planning

All activities must be meticulously prepared, whether they are trips, excursions, or simple dives. We should not forget that getting briefing information about each dive is as vital in centers as in clubs for scuba. Thanks to them, we will be prepared, and we will not have to improvise. In this way, all the divers handle the same information and can be clear-headed. It increases security.

  1. Diving Clubs’ equipment

Another important aspect is the equipment. Analyze how scuba clubs take care of the material, check if everything is in good condition, and ask about the disinfection protocol they follow and what products they use, especially for the disinfection of the regulators and wetsuits. These items work in the mouth and touch the skin. So, it is crucial to use products that do not leave toxic residues, as Dressel Divers does, using Sanosil.

You should also take into account the proper revisions of the scuba cylinders. Inquire about the kind of gas mixtures available and their prices. For example: at Dressel Divers, we offer Nitrox for free in most of our dive centers.

Boats and onboard equipment are also critical point.  Usually, boats are much humbler in scuba dive clubs than in dive centers. Nevertheless, a dive boat should be big enough and powerful enough to allow short trips to the nearest dive sites. It must be well cared for and clean, have a well-trained crew, and carry first aid material and an oxygen kit. If it also has spare equipment, much better still.

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  1. Scuba Dive Clubs Near Me Value for Money

Both in the centers and in the divers clubs there are activities, outings, excursions, courses, and trips. It is imperative to make a quality-price analysis. Watch out! We are not talking about choosing the cheapest, but paying attention to quality at a competitive price. In diving as in most things, “you get what you pay for”, remember that your comfort and safety are at stake.

As a general rule, scuba diving clubs have significant offers for their members in different activities. Check that it is so, remember that the cost of the activity must be added to the percentage corresponding to the membership fee.

  1. Dive Clubs’ Reviews

If to buy a scarf you need to check reviews on the internet, how are you going to choose among the many centers and diving clubs without taking them into account?  Reading other divers´ reviews can help you make the best decision. Tripadvisor, or Google Maps, can help you in this task.

If you consider these seven tips before booking in a dive center or enrolling in a scuba club, you will hardly make a mistake. However, tell us, what do you look at to choose a “scuba club near me”? Share your comment with us on Facebook.

  1. Scuba Clubs’ Environmental Policy

We divers are nature lovers by definition. So, putting the focus on those scuba diving clubs which respect the environment is a must.

This aspect defines the diving policy of Dressel Divers. Do you know our Go Green project? Click on the link to find out more about it.

If you consider these seven tips before booking in a dive center or enrolling in a scuba club, you will hardly make a mistake. However, tell us, what do you look at to choose a “scuba club near me”? Share your comment with us on Facebook.