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How To Do a PADI Pro Check And a PADI Certification Check?

Doing a PADI certification Check is important in order to make sure your progress in the world of diving has been recorded, to request your cards, and to verify the status of a PADI professional.

On the other hand, scuba diving centers need to ensure their staff level to offer the maximum quality to their guests. Keep on reading this post and learn everything about a PADI Pro check and a PADI certification Check.  Important: All the tips we give in this article is for you to consult directly with PADI.

Why Do a PADI Certification Check?

As divers who are part of the great PADI family, we know how important dive cards are. Carrying it with us is the way we can show the world that we have reached a specific level of diving and that we can access the different underwater experiences. The PADI certification Check is the way to verify that your card has been updated, request a new one, or replace the current one if you have lost it.

How to Do a PADI Certification Check?

There are several options to do your PADI certification check.

  1. Check through your PADI dive center or resort.
  2. Request it online to PADI. You can contact them HERE:  
  3. Do your PADI certification check on the app of the company.

Doing the PADI certification checks you need is a vested right because you are part of the world’s largest diving community. When you ask for it, you need to provide the following information: your first name, middle initial, and last name. You will also need to provide your date of birth. The minimum level you can check is the Discover Scuba Diver.

Imagine that you want to dive in Cozumel with Dressel Divers. You forgot your dive card at home, and you realize when our staff asks for your certification card. Since we are both parts of the community, we can do your PADI certification check quickly, so you will be able to continue the fun.

padi certification check - padi pro check - 2

This forgetfulness would be a problem if you forget your card when you go diving at a non-PADI center. They will not be able to do your PADI certification check.

What information do you get when you do your PADI certification check?
1) The certifications you obtained. 2) The date when you got it. 3) The number of the instructor who certified you. 4) The number of the center where you were certified.

PADI Pro Check

PADI Pro Check is the tool that dive centers use to verify a professional has the required level to perform his task.

When a PADI Pro Check is done, we can know:
1) The name of the instructor. 2) His professional level. 3) The licenses he has paid and which ones are active. Without these licenses a Scuba Diving Instructor could not certify students.

padi certification check - padi pro check - 1

Doing a PADI Pro Check is important for dive centers. For example, at Dressel Divers we put the safety of our customers first. That is why most of our employees have been trained by us as Dive Master and Dive Instructor.

When we hire an external professional, we will do a PADI Pro Check.

Depending on the information given by the PADI Pro Check, we will know this professional’s level, and if he is capable of guiding a group of divers only, assisting and teaching courses for recreational divers or even training Diving instructors.

You already know how to do a PADI certification check and what it is for. At the same time, we have explained why a PADI Pro Check is an important tool for diving centers.

If you still have any doubts, please contact us.

Posted on: 2020/09/17