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The 6 Best Free Scuba Diving Apps

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Do you want to find the most useful scuba diving app? Would you like it not to cost you a penny? We help you, we have made a selection of the best diving apps of the moment, totally free for one of the two major platforms: Android and/or IOS.

There are many diving apps and as always happens, there are some that offer many features and others… so-so. Let’s not kid ourselves, the paid diving apps offer some extra benefits, but those are much easier to find. However, there are some hidden treasures in the download platforms that are completely free. We have divided these diving apps into three big blocks.

  1. Diving apps for dive planning 2. Diving apps for information and logbook logging. 3. Support apps.

Diving Apps for Dive Planning

Dive planner

This is a dive planner suitable for recreational divers using the metric or imperial system.

With this dive app, you can make calculations based on PADI or SSI dive tables and you only have to enter the dive parameters. It also helps you to calculate the most appropriate Nitrox and Trimix mix for each dive according to its characteristics, total and partial pressures, the times for your surface intervals, and many other features.

Ah! It also calculates the amount of weight you have to carry.

Then, you can share your dive plans with friends. It has a free version and a paid version with no ads and some extra features, it’s your choice!

Scuba diving app - Marine Dive Planner


Totally free and in metric and imperial units, this technical diving app calculates decompression profiles, gas consumption, CNS%, OTU, ppO2, ppN2, gas density, decompression stop depth and much more.

It uses the  Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with gradient factors and will serve you in both freshwater and saltwater dives.

Diving Apps for Information and Logbook Logging


This is an ideal application to plan your next dive vacation, to keep track of your dives, and to blow your own trumpet, I mean…, share your diving experiences with your friends and chat with them.

You can sync your dive computer to the application and register your logbook because it is compatible with most common computer brands. Besides, this diving application is recognized as the official training record of some international certifying agencies, such as IDA, ITDA and DIWA

Scuba diving app - dive board


As the name suggests, the main function of this diving app is dive logging. You will be able to record dive data, location, indicate the species you have seen or the buddies you have dived with.

You can also illustrate them with photos and YouTube videos and share them on social networks.

On the other hand, you can search for new dives in different locations based on the dive logs of the other members, register your certifications, etc. A simple diving app, but complete and easy to use.

Support Scuba Diving Apps

Tides Near M‪e 

Not exactly a diving app, but very useful for divers.

Tides Near Me provides tide and current information from around the world. It monitors the current seasons, the current tide situation and indicates when the next tide will be. Everything is displayed in easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and predictions.

Finally, you’ll also know the exact time the sun and moon rise and set.

Marine Debris Tracker

The director of Go Green, Dressel Divers’ environmental protection initiative, tells us about this app. Although it is not a diving app per se, it is in line with the respectful spirit that all divers have towards nature and it is also useful.

It is an open-source citizen initiative and, therefore, free, which tries to give visibility to pollution in the oceans, but also on land. It achieves this by providing information on the location of garbage. The application is updated by scientific and educational organizations committed to environmental conservation. These non-profit organizations record marine and inland debris data by GPS. You can help them collect data and find solutions.

The app is a joint effort between NOAA’s Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative at the University of Georgia College of Engineering.

Scuba diving app - dive board

We’ve compiled for you 6 great free dive apps that you can get a lot of use out of, but we’re looking for the seventh one. Do you know of a dive app you’d like to recommend? Share it with us on Facebook!