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SDI & PADI IDC dates 2024 in Mexico and the Caribbean

PADI IDC Dates 2024

Looking for an SDI or PADI IDC in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with the right dates for your plans? In this post, you will find the exact PADI IE dates (Instructor Evaluation dates) and based on them the projected PADI IDC Dates 2024 (Instructor Development Courses), followed by the exact dates for our SDI IDC.

In Playa Carmen, a famed diving hub in Mexico, a new generation of dive instructors will be trained through these IDCs. An SDI or PADI IDC generally requires about two weeks in which participants are taught all the knowledge necessary to apply for the Instructor Exam (IE) at the end of training. Please contact us so we can advise you on our options and explain our related free internships.

Dressel Divers has upgraded its college and academy ratings from PADI IDC and PADI CDC to SDI CDC. With over 30 years of experience as a PADI CDC, we now take it to the next level by offering top-of-the-range SDI instructor programs. Our commitment to exceptional training and dive experiences remains unchanged, but now we proudly provide even stronger SDI programs.

PADI IDC Dates 2024 in Mexico

Mexico January 9th – January 26th
Mexico March 6th – March 23rd
Mexico May 1st – May 18th
Mexico June 26th – July 13th
Mexico September 4th – September 21st
Mexico November 13th – November 30th


PADI IE Dates 2024 in Mexico

Mexico January 26 – January 28
Mexico March 15 – March 17
Mexico May 24 – May 26
Mexico July 12 – July 14
Mexico September 20 – September 22
Mexico November 6 – December 8
PADI IDC Dates 2024 Success - Fechas PADI IDC 2024

SDI IDC Dates 2024 in Mexico

These are the official SDI IDC Dates 2024 (Instructor Development Courses), and their corresponding IE dates (Instructor Evaluation dates), which will be taking place in  Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The program stretches over 16 days and covers all the knowledge necessary to pass the SDI Instructor Exam (IE) once the instructor development part is finished. During these SDI IDC, Dressel Divers will develop the next generation of SDI instructors in accordance with its usual very high professional standard. The schedule covers the whole of 2024 in the following courses:

Mexico  January 24 – February 2
Mexico February 21 – March 1
Mexico March 6 – March 15
Mexico June 19 – June 28
Mexico September 18 – September 27
Mexico October 23 – November 1
Mexico November 20 – November 29

SDI IE Dates 2024 in Mexico

Mexico February 3 – February 4
Mexico March 2 – March 3
Mexico March 16 – March 17
Mexico June 29 – June 30
September 28 – September 29
November 2 – November 3
November 30 – December 1

SDI & PADI IDC Dates 2024 Schedule

Here is a typical description of an IDC explaining the span of the SDI and PADI IDC Dates 2024. On the first day there is usually a free course preparation done to refresh knowledge that may be got rusty since the completion of the Divemaster. This is to make sure that all candidates are, more or less, at the same starting point.

After, most of the training days are devoted to the IDC. Candidates learn how to develop a class of confined water and another in the open sea. They are trained in preparing a theory class and studying new knowledge applied to dive theory. Participants must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the teaching methodology. In addition, they also have to demonstrate they have the skills they need to teach, control, and care for the students, good judgment, and teaching ability. These are all the requirements expected from a good Dive Instructor!

Two training days are typically dedicated to the Instructor Emergency First Respond (EFR) Course. Anyone who comes to an IDC is aware of how important first aid is in such a profession as diving. Therefore, all diving instructors besides teaching diving are also certified to teach first aid courses. That is, not only to know how to act in emergency situations but also to teach others how to act in those situations. The EFR Instructor Course also includes an Oxygen Provider Instructor Course for free!

Once certified as EFR Instructor and successfully completing the IDC, candidates go to the next stage: the three days of Instructor Exam, where an official examiner will assess whether they gather all the requirements to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor. To get this achievement, they must pass a diving theory test and another of diving standards. They also must direct two classes of confined water, open water and a theory class. In addition, they need to demonstrate mastery of certain diving skills in the pool.

After completing all the training, participants will receive a diploma that certifies them as an Open Water Scuba Instructor.


Typical SDI & PADI IDC Dates 2024 Program

Free IDC preparation course 1
EFR Instructor Course + o2 Provider Instructor FREE! 2
Instructor Development Course (IDC) 10
Instructor Exam (IE) 3
Total Days 16

More Info About SDI & PADI IDC Dates 2024 

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Would you like to receive more info about the SDI & PADI IDC Dates 2024? Then, drop us a line and we will provide you with the info you need.

    PADI IDC Dates 2024 - Fechas PADI IDC 2024