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Dressel Divers And Iberostar Celebrated A Big “GO GREEN DAY” In Punta Cana

On June 6th, GO Green in collaboration with Iberostar participated in an environmental action that will last for future generations.

The start-up of an artificial reef. A long-term project that aims to reach a length of 0.62 miles / 1 kilometer.  These are the pictures that show the environmental commitment of the team of Dressel Divers as well as volunteers who did not want to miss the opportunity to leave their mark.

The structures were already set up days ago and were ready for the big event. On the 6th we took fragments of coral from a nursery to transplant them into the new structure. A reef sufficiently deep and guarded to ensure that endemic species of corals adhere and settle.

We want this project to grow year by year. In the oncoming future, we want to achieve our goals of creating a rich and diverse flora but also to host a myriad of species that have this reef as their home. Divers will have a new reef to enjoy.

Today there is a new life that did not exist before and only being respectful of the environment we guarantee that this project goes ahead.  Nature wants to resist pollution, global warming but only if we do it too, it will go ahead.

Thank you for your support, thank you for being part of something bigger than our existence.

There is much to do, and we stand by you in any step this new reef needs from us.