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Dressel Divers And Iberostar Celebrated A Big “GO GREEN DAY” In Punta Cana
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Don’t Confuse Solo Diving With Being A Single Diver. It’s Not The Same.
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“Wave of Change” and” Go Green” Together in The Jamaican World Oceans Day

Once again Iberostar and Dressel Divers have come together to celebrate the World Oceans Day.

The “Wave of Change” and” Go Green” did their bit on this special day for the planet and promoted three concepts as important and necessary in our day to day life:

1) The elimination of single use plastics

2) Responsible seafood consumption

3) Coastal health

Go Green collaborated with this action and provided volunteers for the collection of marine garbage.

Detox the Oceans, Detox your legacy is GO Green’s main campaign for the awareness and elimination of single-use plastics. An operational campaign not only on June 8 but the full 365 days of the year.

This summer, each one of us should reach a challenge.  Wherever you go on vacation (beach or mountain) pick up at least one plastic item left by others.

This way we will avoid further damages to animals and our health. Abandoned plastics start disintegrating into tiny particles that end up floating in the air and the seas.

What we collect, what we avoid throwing at the planet will prevent us from having microplastics in our digestive system as well as in the lungs.

Detoxify your environment, help to raise awareness among those around you. If you find a plastic item, pick it up. You are doing something great for the planet.

Go Green congratulates Wave of Change as well as other environmental organizations to promote awareness but above all to act. Last Saturday we celebrated and enjoyed it. However, the planet does not need us just 1 day. The environment is not a fashion pose, it is a commitment, a moral obligation that helps us to become better human beings.

This summer reach your goal. Go planet! Go Green!