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Go Green Celebrates A Year Thanks To You

Go Green was born with the aim of being useful to nature. Thus carry out actions that protect and take care of the environment with the intention of leaving a better planet for future generations.

GO Green is a non-profit project. For that reason, it seeks in every action that performs not only to transmit ecological values, but also to contribute positive sensations. From an emotional point of view, when it is known that something is being done for the planet it is worth it.

Thanks to all the volunteers and small great heroes who have helped us in these twelve months. Thanks for helping us to grow, for providing good values ​​and positive energy, for leaving a mark on everything we do together.

In these twelve months, we have carried out actions of cleaning and maintenance of corals, as well as investigations together with other organisms. Go Green participated as a volunteer to clean a lot of beaches.

In this year, we also launched the campaign Detox the Oceans, Detox your legacy focused:

  1. To prevent the oceans plastics contamination.
  2. To eliminate the plastics of a single use and finally
  3. To clean the sea floors, picking a total of 650 lb/279 kg of waste.

We want to celebrate the first year of GO Green congratulating all those who participated in our actions. As well as those committed to the environment in their lives. Individual persons that in their day to day do small great things to leave a better world for future generations. CONGRATULATIONS!

Also thank all those who have collaborated buying the Go Green bottle (100% of the profits go to environmental projects). With this GO GREEN bottle they have set up an artificial reef in Bavaro. A long-term project that will help regenerate the area, creating another source of life.

To celebrate, GO Green will launch a contest in which the winners will be able to enjoy a free snorkel or dive. In this way, they can learn not only the marine wealth, but also, they will be able to learn to enjoy in a more sustainable way. So, all of us will be able to avoid, as much as possible, leaving our mark in an ecosystem that is increasingly delicate.

GO Green will also do a coral cleaning of Bayahibe and celebrate its birthday by doing the same environmental action with which it started, reaffirming in this way the motivations for which it was born.