Join Our Coral Reef Nursery Maintenance in Bayahibe: April 30, 2019
The BIG GO GREEN Day. 6th of June: New Artificial Reef In Bavaro
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A Coral Nursery Maintenance Dive: The Story Of A Fun & Eco Dive In Bayahibe!

Last April 30th we helped two species of corals in danger of extinction during a coral nursery maintenance dive convened by Go Green, Dressel Divers’ eco-friendly project.

During the morning we went with our friends to the coral nursery. There, together with Fundemar, a nursery was created to regenerate, above all, two species of coral that need our help for their survival. There, they are bred, they reproduce and when they have the necessary maturity, they are transplanted in their natural habitat to repopulate the area.

We are in debt with these species whose number has decreased exponentially in the last years. The great coral reefs are subject to a constant stress putting in danger their subsistence and therefore that of all the fauna and flora that lives around them.

With our volunteers we have done something great during their vacation. They have put their grain of sand to keep alive species that take up to 20 years to reach maturity. They enjoyed an Eco dive, they learned about the coral problematics and what they can do to keep them safe.  They cleaned the area around the corals and they brushed them.

GO Green, apart from helping the environment, goes further: we want to share and transmit the great feeling we feel when we are useful beyond our own needs.

Thanks to all, as always for helping us to keep a project alive, to create life and to return to the ocean its state and its wealth.

Here are some comments of our heroes which are part of GO GREEN. Andreas, Regina, Carlos, Angelo, Bavo, Angelina, Ronald, Charles, Kevin, Anna and William.

For Regina and Andreas, it has been their second time with us. The nursery has grown since last year and they can see how step by step this project is getting bigger.  For the rest of the volunteers it was the first time and all of them have enjoyed participating.

We are also proud of Angelo, a child that helped us and did a great job. He is the next generation and already experienced how important is to be aware of how our actions impact nature. Well done! We need more young people like you.

Charles, Angeolina Bavo, Ronald Kevin and William were part of GO Green for first time.  Some of their comments

GG-Is it your first year celebrating with go green?
GG- How do you feel about it?
– Good!
GG- Did you know anything about the problematic of the corals?
– Not really. Is not going very good, I guess.
– That is correct.
GG- After I will explain you the job we are going to do. Do you think the job of Go Green is important?
– Yes, I think is very important for environment.
GG- Would you like to collaborate with Go Green to spread this message to the world?
– Of course.
GG And how to improve the Coral Reef conservation?
– Very useful to do.   [Bavo]

GG – Are you aware of the coral conditions at the moment?
– Yes, there is a Coral crisis and they are disappearing, maybe the last resources for us.

GG – Yes, it is true and that’s why we are going today to try to help them. – Do you think the job we do with Go Green is relevant?
– Absolutely! I didn`t realize that one of my dives is going to be an Eco dive. So, I am excited to see what it’s about.

GG – Great, nice, you are going to have fun today.  Would you like to spread this message around the world? To help Coral Reef conservation?
– Absolutely, it is essential because it is a beautiful resource that’s been destroyed and ……. For our children and our grandchildren.


GG – Were you already aware about the problematics with corals we have?
– Yes, all over the world corals are bleaching and dying and getting smaller and smaller.
– Yes, and we are the only ones we can actually do something to help them.

GG – Would you like to spread this message to the world for coral reefs conservation?
– Of course, I have a child and I want my child be able to see the beautiful nature underwater and if we don`t take care of it, it is not going to happen – The next generation is to come.

GG – I guess you agree with me the goal we have with Go Green is quite important for the environment and for us as well?
– Yes, get people out, the more people know about the issue the more the people can explain it. And the more the world knows about it then it is more possible to conserve it.

[Charles and Angeolina]

GG – Did you already know the problem with corals?

-Not really

GG – Perfect, today you will discover it and you will learn a little more about it. Do you think the work we do with Go Green is a good thing?

– Yes, it’s a job to help nature, to conserve the corals.

GG Would you like to collaborate with us to spread this message to the whole world?

– Yes, of course. It is important to help reefs and oceans.

[Carlo & Angelo]