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The BIG GO GREEN Day. 6th of June: New Artificial Reef In Bavaro

Picture: Paul Sevaggio

GO Green celebrates the World Environment and the World Oceans Day New Artificial Reef In Bavaro.

Go Green celebrates both World Days. What about you?

Join us to support marine life and help us to transplant corals in a new artificial reef in Bávaro.

Cris Maffione, course Director of Dressel Divers with GO Green is working on a new artificial reef.

A long-term environmental project that will give life to the area with different species of corals being a new habitat for animals. A project within the campaign: Detox the Oceans, Detox your legacy.

There is no better way to celebrate this day than by returning to the ocean what man’s footprint and global warming are taking from it.

On June 6th, Iberostar with its “Ola de Cambio” campaign joins GO GREEN’s initiative to help us leave behind a better world.

Create an artificial reef, participate in a project that will last future generations, is the best tribute we can make on this day.

Work on it, see how it grows, see how it fills with life, is a project that makes us feel proud. Our contribution is there.

During this day, will take fragments of coral from a nursery  and we will  take to the artificial reef to transplant them. Macarena the marine biologist of Iberostar will guide and helps us in the process.The goal is to make it 1 kilometer long but let´s do it step by step. This new reef starts with a length of 6 meters at 18 meters of depth.

The structure of the reef consists of blocks of one meter in length each with holes to ensure that the coral can adhere successfully. The first phase consists in transplanting 6 meters of reef, studying its evolution and with the help and collaboration of all, progressively increasing the number of blocks to create a new and healthy habitat full of life.

Pictures by Paul Selvaggio

Do you want to Detox the Oceans? Do you want to Detox your legacy? Join us on the 6th of June. Let´s be useful together and be part of Go Green: Let´s create a new habitat for marine life.

For further details drop us an email to gogreen@dresseldivers.com