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Beach Cleaning And Snorkeling Activity With Barbecue On December 1st In Montego Bay



On December 1st we are going to do something really great together.

The latest sea currents have brought all kinds of objects and debris to the coast. Dressel Divers staff by own initiative always collects the rubble since a long time.

beach cleaning and snorkel activities in jamaica - cleaning beach

This time we want to do something special. We want to involve more people and show them that doing something for the environment is something fun, satisfying and also leaves a positive mark on our conscience.

We want to gather people with a green spirit and with the desire to do something different during their vacation. People willing to do something useful for the planet and interested to meet people with the same concerns.

Unfortunately, informing about plastic in the oceans is no longer news, but to do something to eliminate it, yes.  The existence of plastics in the sea can be reduced by having a greater environmental awareness, recycling and trying to avoid using plastics as much as possible. When the damage is already done, we can only act. Only the most compromised consciences can revert the damage caused by a few. So, let’s act!

Join our action and have fun:

December 1st.

Dressel Divers Dive center (Iberostar Rose Hall Resort)

04:30 PM: Meeting time

05:00 PM: Beach cleaning and snorkeling activity.

07:30 a 09:30 PM: Barbecue, a reward for your effort and support.

Limited places, contact us at:

If you haven’t arrived yet and you want to sign up: greenproject@dresseldivers.com

If you are already are in Montego bay: bljamaica@dresseldivers.com

It will be a great afternoon to which everyone is invited. Sign up and book your place

beach cleaning and snorkel activities in jamaica - snorkel girl