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FAQ ABOUT US: Who is the owner of Dressel Divers?

Who is the founder of Dressel Divers?

Name: Javier Ibran Pardo
Nationality: Spanish
Date of birth: 27 December 1966


1983 – Obtained the title of Sport Diver of the “Spanish Federation of Sub Aquatics Activities”.

1984 – 1993 provides his services to the G.E.A.S. (“Grupo Especial de Actividades Subaquaticas”) the elite Specialist Group for Sub Aquatics Activities at the “Guardia Civil”. The “Guardia Civil” is the largest public security force at the national level in Spain, an armed institution of military nature that is part of the security forces of Spain. During his service in this division, he collaborated with different dive schools in the area of student instruction, at the same time developing different military courses, participating in more than 500 different humanitarian services and rescues and more than 3000 in water operations obtaining various medals.

1993 until present.- CHAIRMAN and OWNER of DRESSEL DIVERS CLUB. Management of the dive centers in Mallorca, Fuerteventura, Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

1998 – Receives in the U.S.A. the civil medal from the SSI dive organization, PRO 5000, award limited to a few elite divers in the world.
Our method of work, in which we are pioneers, is being imitated by various diving centres in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Dominican Republic and Mexico, a fact in which we take great pride. Diving is now much safer.

Prominent services to be distinguished during his time in the “Guardia Civil”

Duty as Judicial Police Officer, studying different diving accidents, as well as accidents in non aquatic environments, in which autonomous respiratory equipment is necessary. Investigation of the conditioning causes.

Humanitarian services.

Rescue of people.

Protection of public figures at sea, highlighting the protection of: HM Juan Carlos I King of Spain, Don Felipe de Borbón, Prince of Asturias at the time and now King of Spain, and the Infanta Christina, as well as other different members of the Spanish Royal House and other Royal Houses of Europe (Lady Diana of Wales and Prince Charles of England, among others), also ex-presidents of the government, such as Adolfo Suarez or Felipe Gonzales, as well as their families, some ministers and public figures.

Protection of public figures at sea, such as the President of the Government, Ministers and other public figures.

Custom surveillance services at sea.

Control and monitoring of more than 100 dive centers in Catalonia and Balearics.

Control and monitoring of air pressure installations and Hyperbaric Chambers.

Military courses taken by Javier Ibran

  • Elementary Diver of the Spanish Army.
  • Navy Special Forces of the Spanish Army.
  • Specialist diver of the “Guardia Civil” (Spanish Police and Army Corp).
  • Specialist Diver in Search and Recovery Techniques in aquatic environments.
  • Dive specialist in the detection of sub aquatic explosives.
  • Protection of public figures
  • Rescue diver for the “Guardia Civil”.
  • Specialist Technician in Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Driver of heavy vehicles and of evasion.

Other courses taken by Javier Ibran

  • Yacht Skipper.
  • Lifeguard for the Red Cross.
  • First class professional diver.
  • Staff Instructor P.A.D.I. (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
  • Master Instructor PADI.
  • Instructor Certifier (Instructor Evaluator), (Scuba Schools International).
  • Instructor of Instructors SSI. (Instructor Trainer).
  • Underwater Navigation Specialty Instructor.
  • Night Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Deep Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Altitude Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Boat Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Drift Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Dry Suit Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Search and Recovery Specialty Instructor.
  • Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor.
  • Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor.
  • Underwater Videography Specialty Instructor.
  • Wreck Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Cavern Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Ice Diving Specialty Instructor.
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor.