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My love for the water started when I was very young, one memory in particular that has probably been the most influential in my present day career was when I first snorkeled. All I remember was the flat, crystal clear water with the most amazing colors I had ever seen (nothing like what you find in a box of Crayolas).

Soon after, I tried scuba diving in DRESSEL DIVERS, and it all started from there. During my many travels, I found myself near the water, and diving for fun. 8 years ago I decided that I wanted to make a living doing something I loved. I worked in a dive shop on the Pacific coast, but after 4 years of cold water, rough conditions, long hours and little pay, I decided to move to where it all began. Problem was, as a NAUI and SDI instructor, I couldn’t find work. Thru some miracle, I found the Dressel Divers website and their IDC program and applied!

Next thing I knew, I was at Dressel Divers, doing my PADI crossover. I met some amazing people and had an incredible time. As I had already done 2 Instructor courses, (and having something to compare to) I found the Dressel Divers IDC to be top quality, very thorough, challenging and rewarding.

Soon after starting work with them, I was promoted to the Dive Boss position and now I am Base Leader. 4 years later I still love my job and what I do. So long as you are dedicated, a good team player and hard worker, the company will support you and promote you for your hard work. It is a professional company in a fun industry.

L. Li Allasio

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