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How Much Does a Scuba Diving Certification Cost?

scuba diving certification cost -PRINCIPAL - precio curso de buceo

How much does a scuba diving certification cost? Although it seems a simple question, the answer is not so much. The price of a scuba diving course to get a certification depends on different variables. We are going to talk about these in the following lines. However, before reviewing them, we must give a piece of good advice: that the scuba diving certification cost is not the only point to consider when choosing where to obtain it.

Always prioritize quality, safety, the level of professionalism of the team of instructors, the experience of the center, and its accident rate. We are not going to tire of saying it: you will learn to survive in an environment for which your human body does not have natural survival resources. Therefore, either you choose a reputable center, or the scuba diving certification cost may end up much higher than you think.

What does the scuba diving certification cost depend on?

The scuba diving certification price depends on:

1. The certification you want to obtain. Prices vary. It is not the same if you are interested in certifying as an Open Water Diver or if you want to be a Dive Instructor. PADI has 12 certification courses from Zero to Hero. You can know all the PADI certifications by reading the article 12 Scuba Diving Certification Levels From Beginners To Professional.

2. The agency with which you are going to certify. There are different certification agencies, among others: PADI, CMASSSI,NAUI. With all of them, you can reach different levels of recreational and professional diving. Scuba diving certification cost vary from one to the other.

3. The type of training you want. For the academic part of the training, you can opt for classroom training, or e-learning. This could vary the scuba diving certification cost. Not with Dressel Divers, but yes with other operators. Realize, they have to dedicate an Instructor just to control and correct your exam.

In the same way, there are diving centers with different prices depending on if the scuba diving certification is junior or senior. They assume that the junior scuba diving certification cost is higher than the senior one because children need smaller groups and more Instructor care. This distinction does not affect the certifications imparted by Dressel Divers, our groups are always small, and our students have highly qualified Dive Masters and Dive Instructor caring for them.

4. The place in the world were getting your certification. Taxes are normally passed on to scuba diving certifications. A certification in the Maldives can cost 900 USD, while doing it in the Caribbean with Dressel Divers is less than half.

5. The dive center with which you are going to certify. The scuba diving certification cost varies between one dive center and another. It will depend on aspects such as:

scuba diving certification cost - demo pool - precio curso de buceo
  • rental price of the equipment;
  • cost for the center which they have to pass on, such as the rental of facilities and swimming pools;
  • if they are the owners of their boats or have to rent them,
  • own air or nitrox compressors, or if they have to purchase air fills or mixtures, etc. (It is even more expensive if we are talking about helium)
  • number of students per certification course.
  • staff salaries, etc.

Other Aspects to Consider to Know the Whole Scuba Diving Certification Cost.

  • Flights or commutes.
  • Accommodation and meals.
  • Buy books, e-learning or not.
  • Equipment purchases or not.
  • Course duration.

Scuba Diving Certification Cost: What is It Included?

scuba diving certification cost - OWC - precio curso de buceo.

Open Water Diver

The course includes the use of dive equipment, study materials, certification card, 5 theory modules with video, 5 pool modules, 4 boat dives + 1 free dive.


PADI eLearning: 5-10 hours
Entire course: 4-7 days

scuba diving certification cost - AOWC - precio curso de buceo

Advanced Open Water Diver

If you are thinking in doing 5 dives, simply use those dives for the advanced course and WE OFFER YOU THE TRAINING FOR FREE.


PADI eLearning: 6-8 hours
Entire course: 2-3 days

Rescue Diver

This program involves a mix of theory, class exercises, pool practical and open water scenarios to rehearse important safety skills


PADI eLearning: 8-12 hours
Entire course: 4-7 days

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