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The Best Scuba Diving Blogs and Websites

scuba diving blogs and websites - Dive Buddies 4 Life

Writing scuba diving blogs is not easy, just tell us about it!

When you write a dive blog, you have to think about the people you are writing it for. The focus, always, always, always, must be on the users who are going to read that scuba diving websites. The scuba diving articles should deliver value to the target, inform them, instruct them, entertain them, whatever. In other words, when they leave your scuba diving website, they should feel more enlightened than when they came.

Often, we find dive blogs written only to get Google to rank them high for a search. It is not uncommon to see dive web articles copied, word for word, or scuba diving news articles written by a marketing professional and not a diver. So, here are our best scuba diving blogs and best scuba diving websites selection. These scuba world magazines are written by divers and have original content and valuable information.

What can we tell you! The best scuba diving blog in the world is https://www.dresseldivers.com/blog/. Ok, we admit we are blowing our own trumpet a bit, but it is the truth about our scuba diving articles;

– are written by divers. Even more, Dive Instructors and our Course Directors write and correct each word;

– is original. Diving articles come from the keyboards of our diving professionals, who face each of them from a 180-degree point of view, analyzing all those aspects that may interest divers about a subject;

– our goal is to bring value to our readers, and we do that in several languages. Thank you very much! There are more and more of you.

It’s time to stop talking about Dressel Divers and add value. These are our ranking of the scuba diving blogs and scuba diving websites.

scuba diving blogs and websites - Wolrd Adventures Divers

The Big Institutions’ Scuba Diving Blogs

1. Divers Alert Network (DAN) dive safety is the most important thing for Dressel Divers. So, we highlight DAN’s scuba diving blog as that offers the most value to people who practice this sport.

DAN is a non-profit entity supported by divers. It is focused on raising awareness about the importance of safety diving. This organization assists divers and conducts scientific research to increase safety levels in the practice of this sport. After that, DAN publishes its findings on its fantastic dive blog in several languages.

2. PADI The PADI diving blog is also a worldwide reference. PADI has great editors who are also scuba divers to offer content that touches on virtually every topic that concerns this sport, and they do it from different perspectives and points of view. Diving tips, travel, marine conservation, job opportunities, diver stories, and marine life.

If they miss something, don’t worry, they tell you about it in their official club publications: Scuba Diving® magazine.

3. Scuba Diving is a diving website where you can read equipment reviews by brand, world adventure divers’ articles, tips, and impact pictures.

4. Sport Diver is another publication from PADI house. These guys have everything to say about diving. This scuba diving blog focuses more on professional diving and less on recreational diving.

5. Mares is a well-known brand of scuba equipment associated with Scuba School International SSI. This is much more than a scuba gear blog and speaks about great scuba diving and all around diver’s world. The brand writes in 6 original languages, and the scuba diving website has a translator for many more.

6. BSAC Dive with us. The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is the national governing institution for scuba diving and snorkeling in the UK. Its dive blog wants to grow the British love for this sport while spreading knowledge about the island’s awesome scuba. They qualify it as the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding diving in the world.

7. The Scuba News This is a diving website published by DiveMedia, a digital marketing agency focused on diving. Its commercial diving blog provides scuba diving news articles about the latest developments in the scuba world. It attracts readers and helps dive companies connect with their target audience.

scuba diving blogs and websites

The Big Independent Scuba Diving Websites

Scuba Diver Life It is a dive blog that beats records of followers in social networks, which leaves no doubt about the interest it arouses in the diving community.

This scuba diving experience blog was created in 2010 by Nadia Aly and currently focuses much of its content on audiovisuals and has numerous contributors.

We love this blog because, like ours, its goal is to provide applicable content in the diver world.

This scuba diving international website’s topics are news, dive equipment, photography reviews, conservation, diving health, marine species, content for novice divers and technicians, free diving, wrecks, and photos and videos.

9. Spotmydive, our best scuba diving blog ranking second place is for Spotmydive. Three divers (Lukas, Lou, and Damien) with different ocean diving adventures in their logbooks joined forces to create it.

With this dive blog, they wanted to review the best destinations, the best places, and the best dive centers to the readers. So, they had complete information to prepare for their scuba trips. It was 2016. Currently, their diving travel blog is much more. Their scuba diving articles talk about equipment, ecology, training, etc.

10. Girls That Scuba

Girls that Scuba is a diving website made by and for women and a Facebook group consequence.

This scuba diving blog’s goal has been to make the voice of women in the diving world heard from the beginning and to tell experiences from a female point of view.

Its authors have succeeded, and currently, this scuba diving blog is the nuclei of the largest online community of female divers.

scuba diving blogs and websites - Girls That Scuba

Signature Diving Blogs

10. Wolrd Adventures Divers’ French blogger, Florine, started her diving blog in 2012. She is a diving nomad who, one day, decided to share with the world her scuba diving adventures and her concern for the oceans. Reading Florine’s scuba diving experience blog is the best way to make your bucket list even longer and do it on a budget.

11. Dive Zone This scuba diving website was the idea of another French diver, Julien. With his scuba Blogspot, he intends to make a collaborative travel guide where you can find information on well-known diving sports and others still unknown. If you want to publish on Julien’s dive blog, the blogger accepts contributions.

12. Dive Buddies 4 Life is the scuba diving blog of Mr. and Mrs. Postma: she is the writer, and he is the videographer. Through their scuba diving adventure stories and their graphic material, they aim to promote the understanding of the underwater world. They are currently pursuing this goal with three other partners.

13. Scuba diving Earth Russel Boyer is the name of the expert diver responsible for this diving blog. Boyer tells his ocean diving adventure stories around the world. He also recommends equipment, gives safety tips, and reviews liveaboard. This shark diver blog also has a forum where you can participate and ask him questions.

scuba diving blogs and websites - MARES
Thematic Dive Blog

15. Dive Photo Guide (DPG)

If you are among those divers in love with photography, this blog is for you.  In addition to showcasing impeccably shot photographs and videos, you will find tips on underwater photography techniques, contests, equipment reviews, and excursion and travel galleries.

This scuba diving website has managed to gather a community of more than 50,000 underwater photographers and videographers, enjoy it!

It is our list of the 15 best diving blogs. Do you miss any scuba diving websites that we have not mentioned? Write us the review and send it to us. It will be a pleasure to expand it with your contribution.