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The 10 Best Jamaica Tours You Shouldn’t Miss

If you have ever wondered about the best Jamaica tours, we understand you. This Caribbean island is a paradise on Earth, where you can enjoy countless activities.

On the Island where Bob Marley was born sky and the ocean merge together in a magical way. It doesn’t matter if you are touring Jamaica with friends, family, or as a couple. Here, you will enjoy experiences as thrilling as you want, even Jamaica island tours for scuba diving lovers. The country is a refuge for lovers of the sea, nature and the good life.

If you are planning your next trip and are looking for information about the best tours in Jamaica, we want to help you. Here you have Dressel Diver’s ranking with the ten best Jamaica tours. You will find options to enjoy your scuba diving passion, snorkeling, or spend quality time with your beloved ones.

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Best Tours in Jamaica for Scuba Divers

  1. Montego Bay Marine Park Tour

Half-Day Tours in Jamaica

  1. Morning Catamaran Jamaica Tour
  2. Mangrove Kayaking Tour

Night Tours In Jamaica

  1. Sunset Party Boat Tour in Jamaica
  2. Luminous lagoon Jamaica tour
  3. Night life tour in Ocho Ríos

Waterfall and Rivers Tours in Jamaica 

  1. Blue Hole and 
  2. Dunn River

Other Popular Tours of Jamaica

  1. Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour
  2. Rose Hall Great House Tour

Frequently asked questions about the best Jamaica tours with Dressel Divers

Best tours in jamaica - Nine Mile

Best Tours in Jamaica for Scuba Divers

1. Montego Bay Marine Park Tour

Actually, the entire sea surface facing Montego Bay is part of its marine park.

We are talking about a gorgeous area with 6 square miles / 16 square kilometers of clear blue waters bordered by beautiful white sand beaches and mangroves.

In addition, Montego Bay Marine Park’s coastline stands out because of its extensive coral reefs.

Scuba divers and snorkel lovers can enjoy one of the best tours in Jamaica, swimming among many different fish species, corals, and underwater life protected by law.

Dressel Divers’ Montego Bay Marine Park excursion is one of the best Jamaica Tours for the whole family.

best jamaica tours - montego bay marine park

Half-Day Tours in Jamaica

2. Morning Catamaran Jamaica Tour

We meet at the dive center in the morning, and shortly after, we board our sailing catamaran Maria Villota from our pier in the hotel. We head out towards the reef, where we moor the boat. After a quick briefing, we jump into the turquoise lagoon with snorkel gear. In the water, we have our knowledgeable guides, ready to show and give all the information about the reef wildlife.

During the 1-hour snorkel stop, it is common to see spotted eagle rays, puffer fish, lionfish, trumpetfish, lots of bright-colored small reef fish, turtles, and even dolphins!

After the snorkeling, we have some refreshments on the boat while we hoist the sail up and gently cruise along the shore, soaking up the Caribbean sun.

We then stop at our very own natural swimming poor sandbar, where these calm, shallow waters create an assortment of shades of blue and green and the best photography spot for timeless family vacation pictures, which we love to review later and remember fondly.

After all the excitement, we take the boat back to the pier, where we should arrive, just in time for lunch!

best jamaica tours - catamaran

3. Mangrove Kayaking Tour

We take you kayaking in the mangroves followed by a snorkeling trip to a reef.

Mangroves border the whole Jamaican coast. However, the more developed ones are on the northern coast, in Montego Bay. There you will find the largest wetland reserve in the Caribbean.

During your visit, you will see the most spectacular species of mangroves with roots that, like spider legs, can measure up to twelve meters.

On the other hand, a wetland is a perfect habitat for many fish, reptiles, and birds. Likewise, mammals enjoy a magnificent ecosystem for their development. These are the reasons why this kayaking safari in the Mangrove, followed by reef snorkeling is one of the best tours in Jamaica for nature lovers.

If you choose Dressel Divers to do this Jamaica tour, you can enjoy a guided kayak trip among the mangrove islands. After, you can also practice snorkeling among tropical marine animals and coral life.

best jamaica tours - mangrove kayaking

Night Tours In Jamaica

4. Sunset Party Boat Tour in Jamaica

We leave the pier at in the late afternoon, heading towards the reef, where we moor the boat.

From this first moment, the bar is open (in fact, never closed). The drinks flow as we sail along the shore to the rhythm of hot island beats. There won’t be a dull moment. This trip is about enjoying all Jamaica has to offer, and it doesn’t get much better than doing this with some rum or red stripe beer!

After the snorkel session, we go to our very own natural swimming pool, a sandbar out at sea.

During this Jamaica tour, you decide between drinking a beverage in the waist-deep water or staying on the boat and having another.

The best part of this Tour in Jamaica is the views of the sun setting over the ocean.

They are truly unforgettable.


5. Luminous lagoon Jamaica tour

Did you know that in the world, there are only four places where you can find bioluminescent waters?

And that the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica is the brightest of all? Yes. The color is the most intense, and in Jamaica, the phenomenon lasts the whole year.

It is home to countless microscopic organisms that emit fluorescent light at night.

When you swim and stir them up the magical waters take on an eerily beautiful neon blue color. As you move, everything inside the Lagoon seems as if there were a million shooting stars crossing the night sky.

Therefore, you cannot lose the opportunity this Jamaica tour gives you to swim in one of its wonders of nature.

You can learn more about this phenomenon of nature in our article: Glistening Waters in Jamaica

best jamaica excursiones - Luminous lagoon -

6. Night life tour in Ocho Ríos

If you like crowded beaches, bars, terraces, and nightlife, Ocho Ríos is the place.

It’s a mesmerizing, colorful town with a variety of offerings.

A stroll down Main Street is enough to experience the town’s nighttime entertainment. But, it is better to book a nightlife tour with commuting included for a fully organized island-style party.

Waterfall and Rivers Tours in Jamaica

7. Blue Hole Tour

An opportunity to get a glimpse of Jamaica’s wild interior is to visit its rivers. One of the most recommended tours is to go to the Blue Hole.

There you can swim like Brooke Shields in the movie “The Blue Lagoon” (never better said) in different pools of vivid azure water bounded by vegetation, and get a natural waterfall massage.


8. Dunn River Falls

Dunn’s Falls is the country’s best-known set of waterfalls, the destination of many guided tours that will take you to one of the many terraces where you can bathe and enjoy the island’s excellent climate.

Other beautiful waterfalls well worth a visit include YS Falls, in Santa Cruz; Reach Falls in Port Antonio, and the Turtle River Falls, in Saint Ann Parish

best jamaica tours - Falls -

Other Popular Tours of Jamaica

9. Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour

Bob Marley‘s Nine Mile, from Montego Bay, is a tour of Jamaica with its soundtrack.

The famous Jamaican artist was born in this beautiful little village, in St Ann Mountains. Visiting this town, you will discover the house where the Reggae star grew up, know how amazing the people are, and understand why he obtained many of his great human values in this place.


10. Rose Hall Great House Tour

Rose Hall is a huge old mansion located in Montego Bay, famous for the “White Witch of Rose Hall” legend. The story says that the woman that lived in the house got married 3 time and she killed her 3 husbands. She also mistreated her slaves and infused them with absolute terror. Visiting the House of the witch Annie Mae Patterson you will be able to wander around this Eighteenth Century sugar plantation, as the terrible woman did back in those days.

Frequently asked questions about the best Jamaica tours with Dressel Divers

1. Which places provide the best tours in Jamaica for kids and families?

Montego Bay Dive & Snorkel Jamaica Tour

The first part of the tour allows you to practice snorkeling alongside your beloved ones.

After that, non-divers have fun, enjoying activities, games, and refreshing drinks on the beautiful Cornwall Beach, while scuba divers have a blast discovering the AIRPORT WALL reef.

Having lunch and visit Margaretville is the ice on the cake of a marvelous day tour.

You cannot miss this experience!

Morning Catamaran Jamaica Tour

Our family-friendly morning catamaran cruise has sun, great snorkeling, and a magnificent island views in focus, all while sailing along the north coast of Jamaica.

Snorkeling gear use is included. Mask, fins, snorkel and vest, as well as unlimited beverages.

We offer this trip from Monday to Saturday


2. Which places provide the best tours in Jamaica for adventurous travelers?

Mangrove Safari Kayak & Snorkel Jamaica tours with Dressel Divers

After a 20 minutes ride along Jamaica’s amazing north coast with beautiful views, we arrive at the Mangrove Lagoon. Mother Nature at her best!

In beautiful mangrove surroundings we kayak together with a guide for about 45 minutes. We zigzag between mangrove islands in a nice and slow pace.
We also kayak into a little lagoon where great bird watching is possible.


3. Which places provide the best tours in Jamaica for party seekers?

Sunset Catamaran Booze Tour (Adults Only)

Our afternoon cruise is the perfect opportunity to get all your friends in your group together.

Board our catamaran and wind down (or up), enjoying a few drinks while you watch as the sun sets over the ocean.