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Punta Francesa Reef, Interesting Facts for Scuba Divers

Punta Francesa reef - macro 3

Punta Francesa reef, also known as La Francesca, is a beautiful reef on the island of Cozumel. It is a strip of reef located between two large coral formations: Palancar and Santa Rosa. In this article, we want to give you some details about it that, as a diver, you will surely love. Let’s start!

What Will You Find on Punta Francesa Reef?

Punta Frances reef is not the largest reef in Cozumel, nor is it the deepest. It does not have a great wall that fades to blue.

Punta Francesa reef’s appeal is its beautiful gorgonian orchard dotted with multi-colored sponges and full of marine life. No more, no less.

We are not talking about large pelagic specimens. It’s about the small wonders of nature. Yes, you dive on Punta Francesa and you can see manta rays, peacock flounders, and parrot and butterflyfish, along with the occasional splendid toadfish from Cozumel, endemic to the island. But above all, there you will see incredible invertebrates.

Punta Francesa reef - macro

We’re talking about the Garden of Earthly Delights for the macro photography diver. Remember, you will need to stay alert, look carefully at the anemones and keep your finger on the trigger on the Punta Francesa reef. Only in this manner, will you be able to catch in the blink of an eye the Spanish dancers, Elysia picta, sea lettuce slugs, or the myriad species of shrimp. Unobtrusive little wonders in stunning colors.

Punta Francesa reef is a relatively shallow dive suitable for any diver.

Minimum Depth: 40 ft/ 12 m

Maximum depth: Beyond 66 ft / 20 m

Average Visibility: Beyond 66 ft/ 20 m

Conditions: Moderate south to north current over most of this location.

The dive at Punta Francesa reef begins by giant striding of the boat and descending to the sandy area. It has a gradual slope. You will descend it slowly thanks to the current on the reef. These are strips of corals and gorgonians crossed by sandy paths.

The Punta Francesa reef is an excellent second dive, and as it is not so deep, you will be able to increase your time at the bottom.

Punta Francesa Reef’s Name

Punta Francesa reef, la Francesa (a native of France in Spanish), la Dama Francesa, or la Francesca (Italian women’s name): this reef is known by different names.

The name of this reef has evolved over the years. The original name is Punta Francesa, because that is the name of the point of land that marks it, which is just in front of the reef. This name is very usual in the area. In fact, there is another Punta Francesa north of Quintana Roo.

However, recently wrong information regarding the name has appeared. Often, you can read on web pages that the reef is called in this way in honor of Simone Cousteau, wife of the legendary diver and mother of Jean-Michel Cousteau. Even assuring it was Cousteau himself who gave the name to the reef. We have to admit that, as a tourist claim, the story has punch, but, unfortunately, it is not the truth.

Punta Francesa Reef - mapa

How To Get to Know the Reef or Punta Francesa?

The answer is simple: with Dressel Divers Cozumel. We visit Punta Francesa reef three times a week from our base on the island. It is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at different times. You can come and see this magnificent reef in the afternoon, during a night dive or in the morning, respectively.

Moreover, the boat ride from Dressel Divers is only 15 minutes.

The next question is up to you, when are you coming to visit Punta Francesa reef? Write us, and we will give you all the information.