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Montego Bay Marine Park History, Everything You Need To Know

Montego Bay Marine Park History - couple

In this article, we review the Montego Bay Marine Park History. This stunning Park is in Jamaica and, thankfully, also it is one of the privileged sites where Dressel Divers operates. We have to emphasize the Montego Bay Marine Park’s history has a lot to thank divers, who largely supported and promoted the creation of this protected area.  Thanks to conservation measures, this park is currently a pristine diving paradise. The place is full of tropical fish and has a healthy coral species variety.

Montego Bay Marine Park Extension

The Montego Bay Marine Park encompasses this entire Jamaican bay. It totals 15.3 km2/ 9.50 mi, starting at the high tide mark on the land and extending offshore to a depth of 100 m/328 ft. The eastern boundary is adjacent to Sangster International Airport, specifically at Tropical Beach, and extends to Rum Bottle Bay, a small inlet near the Great River.

This area protects an environment with habitats as diverse and vital to the conservation of the natural environment as coral reefs, seagrasses, mangrove forests, estuaries, islands, and beaches, as well as all the life that inhabits them.

Montego Bay Marine Park History and the Divers Community

In the 1960’s MoBay’s popularity as a dive destination grew, leading to an exponential growth in the town’s population. This fact impacted the health of the reefs, and the diving community in the area raised the alarm.

In July 1970, the government initiated some preliminary studies to determine the environmental problems the bay was facing, their depth, and solutions.

In March 1974, the authorities promulgated the Beach Control Order. It declared for the first time a small protected area at the well-known Doctor’s Cave Beach. It was not until February 1979 that Bogue Island Lagoon was declared Jamaica’s first fish sanctuary. However, this area was left to self-regulation and thus failed to meet conservation objectives. Once again, the diving community became aware and required Jamaican government implication and demanded the establishment of a larger protected area.

Thus, in October 1986, the Marine Park Action Committee of the Jamaican Ministry of Tourism was created. However, it was not until August 1992 that the Montego Bay Marine Park History really began, just when it was declared a protected area, and the Trust was appointed to manage it.

montego bay marine park history

Because the Government of Jamaica could only provide limited financial support, a co-management arrangement started to work. So, the Montego Bay Marine Park Trust would also manage its funding along with the National Environment and Planning Authority (NEPA) and the Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Finally, the Airport Point Fish Sanctuary was declared in June 2009. What Does the Montego Bay Marine Park Protect?

Montego Bay Marine Park History - turtle

How to get to know the Montego Bay Marine Park?

The Montego Bay Marine Park history shows the conservation efforts that have been made in the area, limiting overfishing and raising awareness, among other actions. So much effort has paid off, and, today the Montego Bay Marine Park is a recovered and healthy area full of life that is worth visiting.

Visitors can get to know the underwater world of the Montego Bay Marine Park by snorkeling and scuba diving. The best option to ensure you comply with the strict regulations is to use an operator like Dressel Divers. Our company has extensive experience organizing excursions to the Marine Park. We are practically part of the history of the Montego Bay Marine Park after 15 years of visiting them with a frequency of three days per week. Our tours are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Contact us for more information!