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Interview with Chido, Equipment Manager at Dressel Divers Paraiso

Chido 1

“Love what you do and enjoy the little things”.

This quote perfectly defines Chido, the equipment manager and boat captain assistant at Dressel Divers Paraiso. He is a hard-working person, detailed, perfectionist and a lover of teamwork. For these qualities he is as loved among his companions, as among the guests who know him.

Today we went to his dive center to have a chat with Chido. He told us about his experience working with Dressel, his best anecdotes with clients and his hobbies. A little spoiler…yes, he dives too.

1. Why did you choose this career/job? 

I chose this line of work because I enjoy working with divers and specifically Dressel because of its relationship with its workers and customers.

2. How long have you been working for Dressel Divers?

I have been at the company for four years.

3. What are your main responsibilities/tasks?

I’m in charge of equipment management and assisting the captains with basic boat duties.

4. What qualities do you think a person with your job needs to be successful?

Great organization skills, methodic procedures, and time management.

5. What do you like most about your job?

I always make a bond with the customers and my colleagues, this way we can work as a team and achieve great things.

6. Do you have any noteworthy mannerisms or rituals in your work?

Every day when I arrive I talk with my coworkers, this way I show that they matter to me. It is always important to maintain a healthy work environment.

7. What accomplishment are you most proud of working for Dressel Divers?

I’m proud of how important my job is for the company and that I can help do my part to make things run smoothly.

8. What features and opportunities made you choose to work with this company in particular?

I consider Dressel to be an excellent company with a lot of growth opportunities. I admire the way the leaders are with people and with our interns.

9. What is your most memorable moment here in Dressel Divers?

There was one time when the port was closed due to in-climate weather, and there was not too much to do. One of our superiors gathered all of us and did a workshop on the maintenance of scuba diving equipment.

10. Why would you recommend Dressel Divers to others looking for a job?

I would recommend it because of the great work environment and the relationships that we create with our customers.


11. What has been the greatest compliment you have received from a client?

That I am great at my job and he could see in my smile that I love working at Dressel Divers.

12. What is the best advice you would give to someone who wants to take up a job as an equipment manager, to be as good as you are?

Love what you do and enjoy the small things.

13. What are your other hobbies? What do you do on your days off here in Paraiso?

Share time with my friends and spend time with my family.

14. Do you also dive and snorkel?  

I’m a certified Open Water diver.