PADI Dive Instructor Dressel Divers Cozumel - Hugo and student
Interview With Hugo Garcia, PADI Dive Instructor At Dressel Divers Cozumel
Cozumel Wreck Diving in Chankanaab
Cozumel Wreck Diving in Chankanaab
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Swapping All Inclusive Bracelets For Gloves To Help Turtles.

And the words are blown in the wind. Are you ready to act?

At the end of September, in the northern part of Cozumel Island, a group of people wanted to have a rewarding environmental experience during the week, while all the major economic powers debated about climate change. We were able to find a group committed with the environment, people willing to stop their vacation plans for a while. Human beings ready to do something useful for the planet. During 6 hours, they changed their all-inclusive bracelet for gloves, a dustpan and plastic bags and joined the GO Green initiative.


We met at the Dressel Divers Cozumel dive center in the afternoon, leaving behind its beautiful marine park. We headed north, the beach area chosen by the turtles to spawn. Upon our arrival, we saw that the last currents had dragged to the area waste and plastic debris. 

We spent a few hours raking, picking up trash, cleaning up the beach. The bags filled at full speed with a huge variety of plastics, bottles, cans, sticks and even shoes! We even needed to take more bags from the van. In fact, a group of people saw us and joined our initiative! Isn’t it great? Our most sincere gratitude.

A group of people saw us and joined our initiative! Isn’t it great?

We removed unnatural elements from the beach and therefore we helped turtles to reach the sea, carrying out two actions. After the satisfaction of a good job, we celebrated with drinks and pizzas. It was amazing to see how people who did not know each other before created an emotional link with the same concerns. We are also proud of the children who worked as hard as the adults and shared a contagious positivism. They are the reason why Go Green was born: to leave them a better world.  We really had fun!

Thanks to Dressel Divers staff who organized such a nice experience. We also want to thank everyone who joined the action, because without them it would not have been possible. We are grateful that they exchanged their all-inclusive bracelets for working tools and debris. In other words, this little gesture highlights their solidarity, their GO Green spirit.

We are proud of the children who worked as hard as the adults and shared a contagious positivism

GO Green is convinced that having nice experiences is the better way to raise awareness about environment. We truly believe that each one of us has a bigger mission that goes beyond our daily life. We need to expand nature’s message and show that by being useful wellness increases.   

We support climate change summits, but we cannot let governments act alone. Stopping the effects of climate change begins with yourself.