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Good Scuba Diving: What It Is and How to Recognize It

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Good scuba diving is quickly recognized. When you find it, you know because you can feel you are in the right place: from the web to the day of departure at the base. Good  diving is tangible, never disappoints, and is memorable. It is a clear and specific value proposition designed for you.

When Dressel Divers talks about good scuba diving, it means you are the center. It is not about features. It’s about how it makes you feel. It is about living the experience of a lifetime every single time you trust us. We work to offer you good scuba diving, the best for you.

Good Scuba Diving: The Dressel Divers’ Experience

Dressel Divers’ value proposition is based on your experience. Our divers are part of the Dressel Divers family because they are our reason for existing.

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That is the reason why, when they talk about us in forums, groups, or TripAdvisor, they speak about the Dressel Divers’ Experience.

The pillars of Dressel Diver’s good scuba diving are:

1- Focus on Scuba

At Dressel Divers, we pay special attention to every step of the diver’s experience: from the on-site or online reservation through the quality of the equipment you can rent, the professionalism of each member of the team, the boats, and of course, the dive sites and excursions. Everything is under strict safety measures to enjoy to the fullest, knowing that you are in good hands.

Therefore, Dressel Divers’ good scuba diving is linked to offering high added value in each scuba experience since 1993, and there is a lot of choices.

What’s at the top of your Caribbean good scuba diving bucket list? Our scuba experiences designers can help with that!


good scuba diving - jamaica


Montego Bay’s dive spots meet the expectations of all divers, they leave you longing for the next dive

Unparalleled dive experiences

good scuba diving in MexicoGOOD SCUBA DIVING IN MEXICO

Including: Cozumel / Playa del Carmen / Playa Paraiso / Puerto Aventuras Cancun / Puerto Vallarta

Surprising Caribbean reefs

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Including: Bavaro-Punta Cana/ Bayahibe – La Romana/ Puerto Plata.

Matchless dive adventures.

good scuba diving - courses


PADI Beginner and Advanced courses, including DIVING LESSONS FOR KIDS in all our destinations.

good scuba diving - excursionsGOOD SCUBA DIVING EXCURSIONS

The best diving excursions in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

Experiences for every taste.

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Find your next diving target in our selection of the best liveaboard destinations.

2- The Best Service for Good Scuba Diving

Our employees, fully engaged with Dressel Divers spirit, are focused on divers. They appreciate divers on a personal level. This way to work can only finish in friendship.

If you’ve ever been to one of Dressel Divers’ locations, you’ll know what we’re talking about, won’t you? There they miss you when you are far and they are happy to see you again when you return.

Fantastic Dive Center

I came to finish learning to dive with my pool and knowledge sessions done in my home country. I distinctly recall being mentored by JC, a fantastic instructor who was extremely proficient and quite personable. “The undersea environment would be a new and challenging experience for me”, I anticipated going in, but he made it easy for me by answering my questions, giving comprehensive briefings, and demonstrating very close supervision while we were under. We had a downright blast down at the local dive sites while we were conducting the training, he knowledgeably pointed out many beautiful creatures and fauna I would not have otherwise picked up on, increasing the experience further. 5/5, would recommend JC and the Dressel Divers Dive center. All other staff also very helpful and friendly.

Furthermore, each experience, excursion, and dive package are highly customizable. We strongly believe that it can only be good scuba diving if it adapts to your preferences, schedules, and needs. That is the reason for the high level of specialization of our multilingual Public Relations and online customer service. They can help you in many languages.

We aren’t nameless bots, but human good scuba diving experts who know in and out to help you with the perfect scuba trip.

Outstanding team and amazing SCUBA diving

From booking, arrival and departure… Pure excellence! I don’t have enough praise for the team @Dresseldivers Cozumel, every single one of them made an unforgettable experience for my entire family. Dive masters & Instructors extremely capable and with disposition. Pam and Karin, Javi, Lucas, Phillip, Fidel, Leo, Nazario, Luis, the boat captains and deck hands amazing people!!! Kudos for every single one of this team! Planning to make this an annual trip with Dressel Divers!

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3- Welcoming Environment for Good Scuba Diving

When Javier Ibrán (CEO) thought about Dressel Divers centers and diving boats he pursued a goal: divers comfort. He wanted them to feel at ease both alone, with friends, or with family.

The design of the facilities offers service, yes, but also generates a welcoming environment for customers, offering them an informal, quiet place for enjoining surface intervals with spectacular views.

In short, Dressel Divers’ value proposition is based on generating an experience around the practice of good scuba diving that makes those who have ever dived with Dressel Divers feel part of a community.

Experience Caribbean scuba like you never have before. Insight, planning, book, and support from an expert with intimate knowledge of good scuba diving.