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Beach Cleaning For Turtle Nesting, Next September 28th In Cozumel

Do you want to do something for the turtles?

Is time to GO Green.

Any diver knows that Cozumel is one of the best dive sites in the world. A wonderful place where the divers take the diving experience to another dimension. But, many people do not know this island is one of the main nesting ground  in the world of two turtle species: the Loggerhead and the Hawksbill. These amazing creatures choose primarily the windward side of island to spawn (east side of the island)

The balance between human and nature uses not to be perfect and our footprint sometimes hinders its life cycle.

On Social Media Channels we see how a turtle returns to the sea after three attempts to dig in the sand due to plastics, or as newborn turtles do not fulfill their mission due to the amount of obstacles they have to save on their way to the sea.

It is time to GO Green, it is time to clean the turtles area. The purpose is to collect as much trash as possible. This little big gesture will help the turtles hatchings not to get stuck in any artificial element. Our mission is to guarantee they reach the sea.

beach cleaning for turtle nesting in cozumel

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    The seabed of Cozumel gives us a great connection with nature, we enjoy watching the turtles swim near us in full freedom. Now we have to be the ones who help future generations enjoy this wonderful experience. Let’s help ensure that nature makes its way.

    Join GO Green and do something  different on vacation.   Share your commitment to the environment, to the planet and let´s remove our footprint.

    Let´s have a good time, let´s enjoy together doing something for the turtles.

    September 28th. Cozumel

    From 4 to 7 PM

    Meeting point: Dressel Divers dive center Cozumel.

    Drinks and snacks are offered

    Contact: gogreen@dresseldivers.com

    And take the GO GREEN T-shirt with you.