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Top 5 Adventure Dives to Get Your PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

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We already know that diving itself is an adventure, but adventure dives is the name that PADI has chosen to refer to a type of diving experiences that help you improve your skills as a diver and allow you to obtain your PADI Advanced Open Water certification.

To become an advanced level scuba diver you need to read 5 chapters of the manual and perform 5 adventure dives being “Deep Dive” and “Navigation Dive” mandatory adventure dives. You can choose the other three. But which are the most appropriate? Let’s see!

Reviewing the Mandatory Adventure Dives

Deep Dive

As you know, your Open Water certification is not designed to exceed 30 meters / 100 feet in depth, however, when you are an advanced diver the depth limit increases to 40 meters / 130 feet. If you want to know more about this topic, we recommend you read the article Open Water Depth Limits: Everything You Should Know

This is one of the adventure dives that is also part of a diving specialty. It is a credit for the Deep Diving specialty, in which you learn the procedures to follow for dives greater than 30 meters / 100 meters, what effects pressure has, and how it conditions safety in these dives.

Navigation Dive

Unsurprisingly, another must-have adventure dive is the Navigation Dive. Diving fun is as important as knowing how to get around, take references, identify potential trouble spots on your way and, above all, return home.

This adventure dive is also a credit towards the Underwater Navigation specialty with which to acquire the necessary observation techniques and the knowledge to use the compass with more precision. Do you have any doubts? Take a look at the article The Importance of the Compass in Diving

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3 Adventure Dives That Will Be Valuable in Your Development as A Diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Of all the adventure dives, perhaps this has the most bombastic name. We know, it seems its content has more relation with physics than fun, but it´s not true. This is one of the most fun adventure dives to practice and at the same time offers a substantial advantage to your development as a diver. As we said in the article 3 Secrets of Buoyancy Control to Dive as An Expert Diver, those who know how to control buoyancy know:

  • How to calculate the appropriate amount of ballast (just, neither more nor less than necessary)
  • How to determine the proper ballast position
  • The correct use of breathing.

Besides, in this adventure dive, you will do practical exercises that are great fun, such as staying still floating face down and without moving arms or feet, diving through hoops, playing with the air of your lungs, and improving your air consumption rates. Again, we are facing one of those adventure dives that are a credit towards a diving specialty, although for your certification as an Advanced diver, you only do one of the dives of the course.

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Drift Diving

This adventure dive is a must as well. You will already know that many of the dives that you will make in your life as a diver will be drift dives. With this adventure dive, accompanied by a PADI Instructor, you will be prepared for the conditions of this type of diving, you will know how to communicate, relax and enjoy these adventure dives to the fullest. Do you want to know more about drift diving? We recommend reading this article Drift Diving: 5 Tips To Make The Most Of It.

 Wreck Diver

Among the possible adventure dives that you can choose, wreck diving is the most evocative and you will feel like a history explorer. This dive also credits towards the PADI Wreck Diver specialization course, to get the Advanced Open Water you just have to do the first one and it’s really fun.

Don’t you believe us? At Dressel Divers, we have written several articles where we explain the beauty of the wrecks we visit. We invite you to read them and like us fall in love with this adventure dive.

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