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Underwater Thrusters or How to Move Faster While Diving

Underwater thrusters - underwater scooters

Underwater thrusters were born to bring new experiences to scuba divers.

Honestly, scuba lovers like to take scuba diving experiences to another level: spend more time underwater, descend deeper, move faster, etc. New technologies allow us to make progress in all these fields and, they offer new possibilities. Is your next dive too long a distance? Can you not cover it by kicking? Underwater scooters can help you.

What Are Underwater Thrusters and What Are They Used for?

Underwater thrusters, also known as underwater scooters, are propulsion vehicles that allow divers to extend their diving experiences and facilitate navigation under water.

Underwater thrusters - underwater scooters - 2

Submarine thrusters began to be used in World War II for military purposes. In fact, Torpedoes were used in their manufacture. Their mission was to facilitate incursions onto enemy ships and made make quick getaways.

Currently, the use of underwater scooters is widespread. Mainly, it focuses on making the most of the bottom time, either by expanding distance covered or increasing the speed you can move about from one point of interest to a next.

Furthermore, they are widely used by technical divers, who need to carry a large, heavy, and voluminous amount of gear. The underwater thruster pulls all that weight, and the diver can advance effortlessly.

On the other hand, divers with disabilities use them to obtain the propulsion that their legs cannot provide.

Is Using Underwater Scooters in Diving Safe?

There are many varieties of underwater thrusters. All of them are designed to not cause any physical harm to the diver. They are generally one-man, sturdy, and easy to use.

Theoretically, any diver can use underwater thrusters. They just have to be over 12 years old and to be certified as Open Water Diver. Practically, it is necessary to master basic diving skills such as buoyancy and to be able to adopt emergency procedures quickly.


Using underwater scooters is not about their danger or difficulty but about the diver’s abilities. The diver must be aware of the human body’s limitations underwater, and then, add the speed variable.

Underwater thrusters - underwater scooters - 4
  1. When using underwater thrusters, you need to be focused. You are literally going to fly through the water over reefs or around wrecks, so your dive preparation must take this into account.
  2. Never forget the pressure effect. Yes, with an underwater scooter, you will move faster, but the rapid increase in pressure can have unpleasant consequences. Of course, you should never ascend powered by a scooter.
  3. Beware of impact risks. Moving at high speed in an environment with poor visibility can have unpleasant consequences. That is why you must have good training on how to use an underwater thruster.
  4. You are going to miss part of the show. You will go fast, so much you may not see some tiny or shy animals, not to mention the details of the underwater landscape.
  5. Environmental impact is another variable to take into account. Although underwater scooters run on increasingly less polluting electric batteries, they continue to emit noise that can disturb wildlife.In summary, as with everything, underwater scooters have their benefits applied to diving. Among them: the speed of movement and the possibility of carrying much more equipment. But they also have disadvantages that must be considered, such as the environmental impact and increased stress during your dives. Have you ever used underwater thrusters? Please, feel free to share your experience with us on Facebook.