25 Years Of Dressel Divers – A Talk With Our Dive Bosses
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The sustainability of the planet, a moral obligation.

 We have grown following an educational model focused on individualism and competitiveness, then we develop ourselves as professionals and follow the laws of the market: supply, demand, competition, growth objectives.

A concept of life in which human values or consequences on the planet were not priorities. Everything is worth it if we achieve our own benefit or, of course, we achieve our growth objectives. That’s how we’ve been educated, but does it make any sense? Does it give us happiness?


 “I consider it a moral obligation to return to the sea and nature a part of what it has given to me. This is my commitment, my illusion”.

Sustainability And Business Must To Go Hand-In-Hand.

I believe that values and business growth are perfectly compatible concepts. Moreover, their balance should facilitate the achievement of our business objectives and, at the same time, provide a benefit to society and the planet.

I consider myself privileged to have been able to make my great passion the medium and engine of my life. It is 25 years since Dressel Divers was born and I consider it a moral obligation to return to the sea and nature a part of what it has given to me. This is my commitment, my illusion.

 With this objective, I launched GO GREEN, a project focused on promoting, collaborating and financing initiatives related to the sustainability of the planet, especially with respect to the sea in order to leave a legacy for future generations. Environmental actions aimed not only to conserve the planet but also to educate and motivate a new generation.

Society is increasingly demanding conscience and I am completely sure that, in this context, ethics, solidarity and commitment are upward values that start trading on the market above prices. Therefore, I recommend and encourage all companies to integrate these values in their business objectives.

The environmental commitment should not be a mere marketing action, it should be a true value integrated in the essence of any company.

Whatever we do, let´s be useful.

Javier Ibrán.

Dressel Diver’s CEO and Founder.