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Testimonial J. Abad

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During the IDC to prepare me for the PADI Instructor exam I could fully confirm the professionalism of our PADI Course Director (Cris Maffione) and the dive college (Dressel Divers) that provided us with all the equipment, of very good quality, necessary for the practice sessions. With respect to the theory and academic presentations we were prepared to a high standard so that on the day of the theory exam I could pass all the tests with great success. In terms of the PADI standards, Cris too was very precise with all of them, given they are the basis of our future job. With reference to the practical sessions we passed a lot of time in the pool and sea in such manner that we were incessantly training all the skills until pretty much attaining perfection. Therefore, the day of the practical evaluations I hardly felt any nervousness. During the entire program we were motivated to function as a team and Cris was very strict with the timetable, so that not only did he prepare us for the evaluation but also for our professional future, which by the way I am now enjoying. I recommend training with this academy if your intentions are to be an instructor that complies with all the standards established by PADI.

J. Abad