Pokemon Go diving to escape being caught! Look what we found…

July 6, 2016
August 4, 2016
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Pokemon Go diving to escape being caught! Look what we found…

Scuba Diving Dressel Divers Punta Cana pokemon go

Awesome experience! In Dressel Divers we dove before with dolphins, sharks, manta rays… But never with Pokemons! It seems to be they are running away from Earth to avoid been caught by the millions of Pokemon Go followers, and now they look for shelter in the sea. The first one finding one of them was one of our divers, Marc Pikersoon, while he was diving in the Dominican Republic: “It was amazing. I was filming a moray eel and suddenly it appeared on my screen! I didn’t know which kind of sea animal was it until I brought back my camara to the hotel room and my child told me that it was a Pokemon”.

We had no record that anyone else found any other Pokemon in the sea. Now the first reactions are starting and many other people diving with Dressel confess, while watching their camaras, that they also have some interesting pictures. Many of them didn’t notice what it was until they hear about the news from Pikersoon, but hopefully we will have very soon more images about these amazing creatures.

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