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Swimming With Whale Sharks In Mexico: A Complete Guide
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10 Caribbean Snorkeling Excursions To Enjoy During Your Vacation

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Caribbean snorkeling is one of the most attractive water sports and the preferred one for all of those who cannot scuba dive, or those that haven’t dared to try it yet. In fact, snorkeling in the Caribbean does not require much physical effort, knowledge, nor gear. All you need is a pair of fins, a mask and a breathing tube. Then, you will be able to start exploring the sea from the surface.   But, “where are best places to snorkel in the Caribbean?” you are probably asking yourself. Go on reading and you will discover some of the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean

Take a look at this article’s table of contents where you will discover the most astounding Caribbean snorkeling excursions to enjoy to the fullest.

a) Caribbean Snorkeling: Three Unforgettable Mexican Excursions

Under the crystalline waters of the Rivera Maya lies the second-largest coral reef in the world, an ecosystem full of life, color, and beauty. Let us show you!

Our snorkel guides will help you identify and learn about the marine life that you will be able to see from the shallow: hawksbill turtles, colorful schools of fish, sting and yellow rays, and spiny lobsters.

1. Whale Sharks Snorkeling Tour

Only from early June to Mid-September, you will be able to enjoy snorkeling with the largest fish in the world: The whale sharks. We are talking about the adventure of a lifetime, at least, that is what our guests told us.

What about swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea? Imagine, the turquoise waters embrace you and the shadow of the gentle whale shark appears.

Then you need to remind yourself to breathe and fin kick to swim alongside the giant. You can enjoy this experience with the Dressel Divers’ whale shark snorkeling tour.

The imminent season is about to start. So, book your excursion online and get a 20%   prepayment discount. Click here for more information about our whale shark excursion.

2. Mayan Snorkel Excursion

Join our cenote snorkeling tour in the Caribbean. In Mexico, land, and ocean join efforts to impress you profoundly. The Yucatan jungle hides the world-famous Cenotes where you will be able to jump into the most crystalline sweet-water imaginable.

Mayan Snorkel Tour is the name of the trip which will give you the possibility to visit three different cenotes.

You will be able to practice snorkel in two of them. It really means a unique opportunity to swim among the stalactites and stalagmites of these authentic underwater cathedrals.

On the other hand, the third one, which is dry, serves to illustrate live the explanation of these caves, their formation and history. of an expert snorkel guide.

3. Snorkeling Tour in Cozumel

If you chose snorkeling in Cozumel, you will feel as if you were inside a Jacques Cousteau’s documentary. Please notice that we are talking about the second greatest coral reef system in the world. Probably Colombia Reef and, of course, Palancar reef are the most amazing snorkeling spots on the island. And there is where you will be able to enjoy the most spectacular Caribbean snorkeling experience, booking with Dressel Divers. You will see colorful fish, amazing turtles and breathtaking stingrays, among other beautiful sea life. In addition, you will count with the guidance of an expert snorkel guide.

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b) Two Caribbean Snorkeling Experiences in Jamaica Which Are Well Worth a Visit

Montego Bay, nature in its purest state. It is simply very intense above and below the ocean in Jamaica.

Join the Dressel Divers Jamaican snorkeling tours in the Caribbean and enjoy the abundance of fauna existing on the most beautiful reefs in the area.


4. Jamaican Mangroves Snorkeling Excursion

Mother Nature in all its splendor is waiting for you in the Jamaican Mangroves. For that reason, this excursion is one of the more demanded by visitors. The truth is that mangroves provide habitats, breeding, and feeding grounds for both, terrestrial and marine animals with their rich aquatic ecosystem. Therefore, it is recommendable to enter this pristine place using a Kayak. Ideal for children and adults, this Caribbean snorkeling experience is educational, fun, and great to reinforce the importance of mangroves to ocean ecology.

5. Montego Bay Marine Park Snorkeling Trip

If you are staying in Montego Bay, then you should seriously consider to practice snorkel in its Marine Park. The Montego Bay Marine Park was created on 5 June 1992. Since then, it allows for recreational activities to be conducted in a safe environment. As you can imagine, this ideal habitat for fauna and flora offers one of the best snorkeling opportunities on the island. Our Montego Bay Marine Park Excursion proposes you swim with endemic species of fish, like snapper, parrot, jack, squirrel, barracuda, trumpet, doctor, angel, snook, crabs, nurse sharks, conch, lobster, and octopus.

Also, you can choose the local catamaran snorkeling tour to know the Jamaican reefs. You will be able to jump into the waters from our catamaran. We chose this place thinking of you because of the wide array of corral species and schools of tropical fish, which are swim-friendly among the delighted snorkelers.

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c) Two Wonderful Dominican Islands with the Best Of Beach Snorkeling in Caribbean

Saona and Catalina Island, where paradise is waiting for you. Dominican Republic snorkeling tours in the Caribbean Sea are an experience flavored with rum and to the rhythm of bachata and merengue.

An absolutely picture-perfect day from the weather to the breathtaking hues of the cerulean blue, turquoise, and aquamarine water.

These snorkeling tours are perfect for those who want to mix pure nature, relaxing sailing, snorkeling, and natural pools.

Both Saona and Catalina are two of best Caribbean islands to snorkel and allow you to live a breathtaking experience with a beautiful tropical beach, like the ones you have seen on the postcards as a setting.

On land, you will feel like in the Garden of Eden and below the ocean surface, you will be astonished by the natural beauty. If you are an avid snorkeler, these excursions are definitely for you.

6. Catalina Island, One of The Best Places to Snorkel in Caribbean

Since Christopher Columbus fell in love with this Island to nowadays, Catalina Island goes on fascinating people from around the world. Here, snorkelers and scuba divers get a close up and personal experience with fish and beautiful marine life. In addition, on Catalina Islands the rocks form a natural cliff of approximately 500 meters that stretches out into the Caribbean Sea and at the waterline, the sea has eroded these rocks in such a way that you can snorkel underneath the edges.

Definitively, if you want to visit one of the best places to snorkel in the Dominican Caribbean, our Catalina Island tour will be an accurate option.

7. Saona island, another stunning snorkeling destination in the Caribbean

Paradise on Earth exists and it is divided into small pieces, scattered around the planet. Saona Island is one of them. This island is in the “Parque Nacional del Este”, Dominican Republic. Snorkeling in its shallow waters, you will be able to appreciate its amazing reefs and astonishing marine life. We cannot forget that there, you will be able to find dolphins and turtles. Finally, to celebrate such an incredible day, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sights by walking and bathing in a waist-deep natural lagoon sandbank with a Piña Colada in your hand.

Caribbean Snorkeling tours (saona)

d) Other Snorkeling Spots in the Caribbean You Should Consider

8. Stingray City snorkeling tour

Stingray City is one of the most famous attractions of the Cayman Islands. This sandbar is the home where a lot of rays live in their natural habitat near the shore.

It depends on the day of the week and the season, there will be more or less snorkelers. So, if you prefer to have all the stingrays for you alone, the best option is to get there very early in the morning.


9. Snorkeling In Southern Caribbean, Boca Del Toro (Panama)

The best places to practice snorkeling in Panamá are in Bocas Del Toro. Specifically in Almirante Bay. This Caribbean Island is beautiful above the water and amazing under the sea. In addition, in this bay, the coral reefs are more protected, the waters are crystal clear and there are no waves. One of this island’s greatest appeals is that you will be able to bath with a lot of different species of starfish. They will be the real protagonists of this Caribbean Snorkeling trip.

10. British Virgin Islands Other of The Best Caribbean Islands to Snorkel

The most beautiful part of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is underwater. As the name indicates, the Islands were truly “virgin” for many years, and there are still some parts kept in this way. For that reason, its wild life is abundant and, the best, it is ready to be discovered by you. Near “the Baths” amazing rock formations will allow you to explore some of the caves and natural pools in the area. There are some amazing vertical coral formations, sponges, lobsters, and even more, possibly you will see a nurse shark. Do you know the name of this Caribbean snorkeling spot? It is “The Aquarium”

This is our top ten Caribbean snorkeling excursions list, but we know there are many marvelous places where to enjoy this sport. Which are your preferred ones? Feel free to share your comments below.

e) Book your Caribbean Snorkeling Excursion

Let Dressel Divers’ snorkeling trips in the Caribbean immerse you in a stunning underwater world and live the experience of a lifetime.

Would you like to book your Caribbean Snorkeling Excursion? Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you asap for the best Caribbean snorkeling vacations.

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