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Night Diving: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try It

Night Diving Sea horse

If you already think scuba diving is an amazing activity, definitely you should try Night Diving.

The underwater world changes completely when the sun light disappears. Literally, night diving will open the door to an unknown world. As the reef transitions from daylight to darkness, the party starts: The colors take the center of the scene, and creatures that hide during the day, come alive and fill the nocturnal reef.  So, if you have ever wondered what happens under the seawaters when the sun goes down, this article is just what you are looking for.


5 Night Diving Facts. What Can You Expect From A Night Diving?

  1. As we increase the depth in a day dive, the white light of the sun loses wavelength and with it, our ability to appreciate the real colors. However, when night diving the colors will come to life under the glow of your diving torch. You will be able to understand why underwater photographers love night dives. The artificial light maintains the color spectrum and the underwater world is dyed with bright hues.

    2. If we are talking about color, we cannot forget a colorful phenomenon; Bioluminescence.  Do you remember the film “Avatar” and its marvelous bioluminescent scenes? James Cameron drew inspiration from this phenomenon to create them. You will be able to discover how the reality overcomes fiction when night diving.

     Normally, the reason why everything starts suddenly shining around you is the luminous plankton performing an awesome show. In fact, bioluminescence is their defense mechanism. By emitting the light, they frighten any potential predator away. To see it, you need to completely dim the light of your diving torch. This is best done by holding it against your chest, rather than switching it off, and then shake your other arm in the water.  It is that simple.

Night Diving Bayahibe

    3. On the other hand, practicing night diving, you will be able to see animals that remain hidden during the day.  Many different shrimp, lobsters and crabs show up at night. It happens the same with the octopus and its relatives: the squid and the cuttlefish. At night, they move away from their camouflage position and starts roaming the reef. With a bit of luck, and if you shine your dive light next to them, you will be able to see their colors, might even see them shift their hue as a camouflage strategy.

   4. Another interesting fact about night diving is some animals behave differently during the night. This is exactly what stingrays and sharks do. Despite the fact that it is possible to see them during the day, they prefer hunting at night. But not only them. The coral open its polyps to feed, the lobsters come out of their hiding places in search of food and, as we said before, the octopi swim freely. In other words, a night dive is a chance to see the food chain in action.

   5. Night diving with Dressel Divers is always the best option. Our work is always driven by a concern for the safety and well-being of our clients.  As you can imagine, the features of a night dive demand knowledge of techniques and procedures to enjoy the experience correctly. For that reason, it is very important to trust the hands of experts for your night dives. With over 31 years’ experience exclusively dedicated to water sports, our highly qualified personnel will be the best dive buddy for your nights dives. Night Dives are available every Tuesday from Dressel Divers Bayahibe Dive Center.

Night Diving - Sunset




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