First, we want to encourage you. We hope that you and your family members are in good health.

We are aware that we are experiencing a historical event, never seen in contemporary society. COVID-19 is impacting the well-being of the entire world. It is affecting the health of our loved ones and has forced us to change our habits and lifestyle.

That’s why we want you to know that, now more than ever, Dressel Divers is still by your side. We have accompanied you in your happy moments, during your vacations. We will also be with you in these hard days.



Since scuba diving became popular in the early 20th century, it has always proven to be a noble sport. It brings much more to society than just fun and entertainment. For this reason, we founded our organization Go Green 2 years ago. Our intention is to leave a better world for our descendants. Since Go Green was born, we have helped clean up oceans and beaches and created several artificial reefs.

Now we have an even tougher battle. We are aware that no company can face this situation alone, but together we will succeed. We are proud of all the help that the scuba diving community is providing in these delicate moments. We are also glad to see all the acts of generosity and kindness that divers are offering to win this battle.



Dressel Divers has been a company with constant growth during its 26 years of life. We have continuously opened dive centers in different countries: Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Spain… in addition, in 2019 we began to offer liveaboard cruises, spreading the Dressel Divers brand to incredible places such as the Red Sea, Maldives, Galapagos or Bahamas.

In 2019 we celebrated our 25th anniversary and, without a doubt, it was the best year in our history. We achieved a company growth never seen before. And we got this thanks to you, your support, fidelity and trust. For all of this, we want to thank you once again. Thanks to you, Dressel Divers has the necessary robustness to overcome this situation and emerge stronger.

We know that you have a great appreciation for our human team, and you care about them. We too, a lot. So, we are making a brutal effort to make this current situation affect Dressel Divers’ staff the minimum possible. We are taking special care of our local employees, who are the most vulnerable, due to the situation in their native countries.

It is also important to communicate that our Headquarters and Reservations Department are still open and at your disposal, with the usual hours. We have given all the facilities to our human team, so that they can continue working from home.



We know that you are spending a lot of time at home now, and you miss scuba diving as much as we do. For this reason, we are striving to entertain you with more scuba diving content than ever. Photos and videos of animals, videos of our instructors solving your doubts, articles about scuba diving, curiosities about animals, tips, games, contests, online courses and much more. All this content can be found on our social networks, which are more active than ever.

More than ever before, Dressel Divers is by your side. We were, we are, and when all this has passed, which will pass soon, we will still be.


Javier Ibrán, Founder and CEO of Dressel Divers