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PADI IDC dates 2020 in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

PADI IDC Dates 2020 - Dressel Divers

PADI IDC Dates 2020 in MEXICO

These are the official PADI IDC Dates 2020 (Instructor Development Courses), which will be taking place in  Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In them, we will train a new generation of PADI instructors. The course requires 16 days in which we will teach you all the knowledge necessary to apply the Instructor Exam (IE) at the end of training. The schedule is distributed as follows:

Mexico Paul Flower January 8th – January 23th
Mexico Paul Flower February 19th – March 5th
Mexico Paul Flower April 22nd – May 7th
Mexico Paul Flower June 3rd – June 18th
Mexico Paul Flower August 5th – August 20th
Mexico Paul Flower September 9h – September 24th
Mexico Paul Flower October 14th – October 29th
Mexico Paul Flower November 18th – December 3rd


PADI IE Dates 2020 in MEXICO

Mexico Paul Flower January 24th – January 26th
Mexico Paul Flower March 6th – March 8th
Mexico Paul Flower May 8th – May 10th
Mexico Paul Flower June 19th- June 21st
Mexico Paul Flower August 21st – August 23rd
Mexico Paul Flower September 25th – September 27th
Mexico Paul Flower October 30th – November 1st
Mexico Paul Flower December 4th – December 6th


PADI IDC Dates 2020 in the Dominican Republic

These are the official PADI IDC Dates 2020 (Instructor Development Courses), which will be taking place in The Dominican Republic. In this course you will have the change to become a new PADI Dive Instructor. This training lasts 16 days, in which you will learn everything you need to know  to apply the Instructor Exam (IE) at the end of course. This is the schedule of the PADI IDC Dates 2020 in the Dominican Republic, as well as the IE Dates.

The Dominican Republic Cris Maffione February 6th – February 23rd
The Dominican Republic Cris Maffione May 28h – June 14th
The Dominican Republic Cris Maffione September 17th – October 4th
The Dominican Republic Cris Maffione November 26th – December 13th

PAD IDC Dates 2020 - Diplomas



The first day of the free course preparation is done to refresh knowledge that may got rusty since the completion of the Divemaster. We make sure that all our candidates are, more or less, in the same starting point.

As you can check, most of the training days are devoted to IDC. Candidates learn how to develop a class of confined water and another in the open sea. They are trained in how to prepare a theory class and also they study new knowledge applied to dive theory. Participants must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the PADI teaching methodology. In addition, they also have to demonstrate they have the skills they need to teach, control and care of the students, good judgment and teaching ability. These are all the requirements expected from a good PADI Dive Instructor!

We also dedicate two training days to the Instructor Emergency First Respond (EFR) Course. Anyone who comes to an IDC is aware of how important first aid are in such a profession as diving. Therefore, all diving instructors besides teaching diving they are also certified to teach first aid courses. That is, not only to know how to act in emergency situations, but also teach others how to act in those situations. With Dressel Divers, EFR Instructor Course also includes Oxygen Provider Instructor Course for free!

Once certified as EFR Instructor and successfully completing the IDC, candidates go to the next stage: the three days of Instructor Exam, where an official PADI examiner will assess whether they gather all the requirements to become a Open Water Scuba Instructor. To get this achievement, they must pass a diving theory test and another of diving standards. They also must direct two classes of confined water, an open water and a theory class. In addition, they need to demonstrate mastery of certain diving skills in the pool.

After completing all the training, participants will receive a diploma that certifies them as Open Water Scuba Instructor. Dressel Divers always offers the possibility of bringing our instructors to the next level and turn them into Master Scuba Diver Trainer, teaching them how to instruct five specialty courses.

Its important to mention that  the Course Directors of the PADI IDC Dates 2020 in the Caribbean are experienced teachers. They have provided more than 8000 certifications. In addition, the Course Director Paul Flower has received a PADI Platinum Course Director rating for the fourth year on a row.



PADI IDC Dates 2019 Program




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Would you like to receive more info about the PADI IDC Dates 2020? Then, drop us a line and we will provide you with the info you need.


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