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And why not join our mangrove kayaking and snorkeling safari, a beautiful environment that is the source of much you see on the coastal reefs? The habitat you will visit during the Dressel Divers Mangrove kayaking excursion is an important contributor to life on the coral reef that you will snorkel next. The mangroves provide habitats and feeding grounds for many fish, reptile, amphibian, and bird as well as mammal species.

Many tropical fish you encounter snorkeling right after depending on mangroves to complete their life cycle and migrate to them to lay their eggs. Their juvenile offspring hide in between the many mangrove roots for some time to avoid predators. Only when they are of reasonable size do they move back to sea to join life on the coral reef that makes snorkeling so attractive.

We kayak together with a guide and zigzag between mangrove islands at a slow pace and enter a little lagoon where great bird watching is possible. Then the boat takes us to Coral City a beautiful shallow reef for a guided snorkel tour with amazing tropical marine and coral life.

Frequency: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Mangrove Safari

Available from Montego Bay Dive Center

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Every Tuesday and Saturday

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Our tours welcome everyone!

WHEREVER YOU STAY you can join the Dressel Divers Mangrove Safari tour for scuba diving or snorkeling!

STAY AT ANY RESORT and simply hop over to our dive center to enjoy our Mangrove Safari excursion!

Our Mangrove Safari TOUR INCLUDES

  • After collecting the necessary equipment in our Montego Bay dive center we depart from the pier of the hotel with our Trimaran.
  • After a nice ride along Jamaica’s amazing north coast with beautiful views, we arrive at the Mangrove Lagoon. In beautiful mangrove surroundings we slowly kayak together with a guide including some bird watching.
  • Then we recharge on the boat with ice cold soft drinks, while the captain brings the boat to Coral City a beautiful snorkel site for a guided tour on the reef.
  • Throughout the day, unlimited refreshments are available. We have double and single kayaks and we can also fit 2 adults + a child in the double kayak.

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