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From Zero to Hero: All the Scuba Training You Need to Become an Instructor

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Do you want to become a Dive Instructor? In today’s article, we go over all the scuba training you need to become one.

Many people want to become Diving Instructors to travel around the world, doing the work they like the most: diving. Others intend to combine their current jobs with an extra income by working on their hobby. Whatever it is, you need to go through different levels of scuba training to become an Instructor.

At Dressel Divers, we have been training future Diving Instructors for many years. Some of them already have previous scuba training, others have decided to start a new adventure from zero. In today’s article, we review the scuba training necessary to become a recreational instructor.


Recreational Scuba Training

The students will acquire and improve their skills as a diver taking these recreational scuba courses.  Of course, they will always have to respect the recreational depth limits. These limits mean never needing to perform decompression stops beyond the recommended safety stop on every dive. The first step will be to obtain your Open Water diving certification.

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In this course, students learn to navigate the underwater environment on their own. This certification gives them the freedom to dive without being accompanied by a professional (Divemaster or Instructor). They will also acquire specific control of their diving equipment.

You can find a similar level of certification in different agencies. Open Water Diver (OWD) is the name of the course given by PADI and SSI, One Star, CMAS, and Scuba Diver NAUI.

The next step in your scuba training to become an Instructor is to become an advanced diver.

At this level, you will focus on acquiring knowledge to dive into specific environments, in addition to some specific specialties focused on diving skills. You can learn more about these specialties by reading the article: Which Is the Right PADI Specialty for Me?

This course is called the Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD), by all the agencies we have named before. However, the CMAS Two Stars Diver certification also includes knowledge as a rescue diver.

You can get your course as an Advanced Diver for free with Dressel Divers. Click the link and ask us how.

Rescue Scuba Training

Rescue diver certification is compulsory to leap up to professional. As in the previous cases, it receives different names depending on the certifying agency. PADI calls it Rescue Diver, SSI Diver Stress and Rescue, and NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver.

This course teaches the techniques necessary to assess the stress level of divers. As well as to prevent and successfully cope with emergencies. You can check everything about this level in the article  The PADI Rescue Diver Course or How to Be A Better Diver.


Professional diving training

The GO PRO academy begins where you jump into professional diving without leaving a recreational approach.

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  1. Scuba Training as a Diving Guide

In this professional stage, the first step before becoming a Dive Instructor is to become a Dive Guide (SSI) or Divemaster, NAUI, and PADI use this last denomination. Bypassing this level with CMAS, you will be a three-star diver. A Divemaster can only be a guide for recreational diving groups.

In addition to the certification levels we mentioned before, to take this course you will need:

  • To have the EFR (Emergency First Response) credential in medical first aid (or equivalent with CPR training) obtained in the last 24 months.
  • To have at least 40 dives on your logbook to start the course and 60 dives for getting the certification.
  • To be fit for diving and present a medical statement signed by a doctor within the last 12 months.

We recommend reading the article Personal and Technical Divemaster Requirements to learn more about this level of diving training.

Scuba training - entrenamiento de buceo
  1. Scuba Training as a Diving Instructor

Open Water Instructor is the name given by PADI and SSI to this level of certification. The word “Instructor” is used by NAUI and CMAS, which, in addition, adds the tagline “One Star”.

The requirements are practically identical to those required to become a Divemaster, but with more experience. You will need at least 100 dives and six months certified as a diver before taking the Dive Instructor course.

You will be the teacher once you finish. So, you will be able to teach and award the different levels of diving certification. You are interested, aren’t you?

Dressel Divers has been offering the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) successfully for more than two decades.

We offer two alternatives for our students:

  • Buying the course
  • Get it free interning at our bases.

These internships offer you practical experience at the same time that they provide you with the previous requirements and scuba training: required dives, pre-courses, IDC, materials, use of scuba gear, accommodation, meals, and much more. Contact us to know more about any scuba training.

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