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Get Your PADI Replacement Card with Dressel Divers

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Do you need a PADI replacement card and become certified with Dressel Divers? Don’t worry! Leave it to us. We will do it for you.

As you know, PADI certification cards are obtained at the end of your course, when you get a new certification. Until your card arrives at home, you have a temporary document that justifies your level as a diver. Afterward, the certification card will help you accredit your training all over the world, and any dive center or liveaboard cruise will recognize your scuba diving certification level.

What happens when you need to update your card or you have lost it? Nothing happens. Because if you get scuba certified with Dressel Divers, we will carry out the necessary steps for you to request your PADI replacement card.

How to Apply for a PADI Replacement Card with Dressel Divers?
If you get your certification with Dressel Divers, you will be able to enjoy our intermediary service with PADI.  This way, you will be able to request your PADI replacement card comfortably, and without having to do any administrative work, we will do it for you. Just a point. Remember there is a fee for PADI replacement cards when the reason for requesting a new one is not the responsibility of the agency directly.

Request for a PADI replacement card because of loss
By having certified with us, we can attest to your training as a diver, so you will not have to provide us with more information than your full name. Write to us at and request your new PADI replacement card.

Request for a PADI replacement card because of data change
If this is your case, we will need you to provide us new contact information or data by email to In case you have changed your name, we will need the documents which justify this.

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 Update your PADI Junior Diver certification

To avoid age restrictions, when you are 15 years old, you can request a replacement PADI card that identifies you as an Open Water Diver. The process will be the same as we specified above. Just write to us and give us your full name.

Request for a replacement card because of wrong information

It is also possible that there is a spelling mistake or some wrong information on your PADI card. In that case, write to us specifying what the problem is, and we will handle the request.

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What Types of PADI Replacement Cards can we order for you?

There are several types of PADI Replacement Cards.

  1. Standard certification card.
  2. Limited edition card. This is specially designed type of cards. You can see beautiful pictures taken by well-known photographers on it.
  3. Project Aware card. With this card, you will be able to make a financial contribution to support the conservation of the seas through PADI’s eco-friendly initiative.
  4. PADI eCardsTM. This is the electronic version of your certification card.

From Dressel Divers, we can request all of them, except for the digital one, because you have to install it on your mobile phone.

Remember that once you have completed the requesting process for your PADI replacement card, it should physically arrive at your home within two weeks. If not, let us know, and we will claim it for you.

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