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The Importance of Dive Boat Design

dive boat design

In dive boat design the main purpose of the vessel will never be forgotten. This is to transport and support divers to practice the sport safely and comfortably.

The vast majority of dive sites that interest recreational divers are inaccessible from shore. Therefore, it is necessary to use dive boats to reach the destination of our dive. In addition, dive boats can be an operations’ base where divers can shelter, store, and change equipment. On a dive boat, they usually socialize with other divers and rest between dives.

We can distinguish different types of boats.

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Inflatable boats: Although people use these boats for diving, they do not have a dive boat design themselves. They are often small. Therefore, you can travel just short distances. Its main drawbacks are its lack of speed and space. Their main advantage is that they can be transported from one place to another with a utility car.

Motorized inflatable boats: there are different sizes of vessels, and they are also transportable by road. Although the space is limited, these dive boat designs add a tank holder in the middle. They are usually fast and maneuverable boats, but quite uncomfortable for divers. People have to sit on the inflated tubes, they cannot get up or walk on the deck. As these boats have no ceiling covering, during the journey, divers are exposed to the wind, splashes, and to the sun, which is inconvenient.

In these two types of boats, divers have access to water by the rollback entry. To return on board after the dive, they have to trust the strength of their arms and legs to take themselves out. This because the pneumatic dive boat design does not include ladders. It is a big drawback when carrying all the equipment.

Rigid-hull-covered dive boats:

These are relatively large boats, between 60 and 90 feet (18 to 27 m), and are manned by professionals. This kind of dive boat design takes into account features such as:

  • Sufficient space and stability to provide a seat for divers.
  • Safe distribution of equipment during navigation.
  • Facilities for divers to enter the water from the boat and board the boat from the water.
  • Emergency equipment.

The Ideal Dive Boat Design

The ideal dive boat features the design produced by the founder of Dressel Divers. Javier Ibrán is an experienced diver who had to dive in extreme conditions. He was very clear about the characteristics the perfect dive boat design should have. Our entire fleet was built following this ideal dive boat design.

From our smaller boats with capacity for 2 groups of 8 people and their Divemaster to the trimarans with a surface deck that is usefully huge and with admirable navigation stability, all Dressel Divers boats show outstanding features and the most appreciated details by divers.

The Dressel Divers dive boat design includes wide seats. As wide as necessary to comfortably sit down, donning BCD and the tank. In addition, those divers, who do double tanks, have their next tank stowed close to them and can assemble the equipment at their seats. Furthermore, they have enough space to move without being obstructed by their partners during the trip.

Another design feature of our dive boats is that they have entry platforms at the stern and, many of them, also on the sides. The divers do not have to move much while carrying the gear before jumping into the water. On the other hand, exiting the water is easy because of our double ladders.

Of course, all Dressel Divers boats equipped with a sunroof, fresh drinking water, a radio, a GPS device, oxygen, dive flags, and everything else deemed mandatory by the United States Coast Guard. They also have side lines, descent lines and drift lines.

Instructors, Divemasters, boat captains and sailors, moreover, all have First Aid medical training.

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The engines, all top brands, are subject to ongoing monitoring and servicing by our in-house mechanics. Last but not least all boats have double engines for increased security.

As we’ve seen, dive boat design can make a day of diving that much safer and enjoyable.  What aspects of dive boat design do you think are most important? Share your comment.